Tim Cook didn’t mention it during the presentation of

new products and so the news did not dictate much stir. But instead

Apple SIM is an innovation of such a scale that it could

revolutionize the way you relate to telephone operators.

It is a SIM that is installed

directly from Apple within its devices with connection to

mobile network (for now only of the Air 2 and Mini 3 and exclusively in

Usa and UK) and allowing you to freely choose which mobile operator

Take a subscription. All without having to make long-term commitments

and also being able to exploit a data plan of local operators (also for periods

limited) when you are away from your country of origin. I mean, everything.

The opposite of what we are used to doing now.

The operation is simple: on the device, the new virtual Sim allows

to display a series of offers from different operators including

select the plan deemed more convenient, being able to pass, if you are not

satisfied or better offered from one operator to another without

never change the SIM.

The regulations that currently regulate the telephony market have granted Apple

to offer this new initiative in the USA and the UK easily. And a lot

Cupertino’s company will probably use these countries as a test for

a possible extension of the proposal to other countries.

In Italy, as you know, to start a contract with an operator you have to pass

The Commission is also aware that the Commission has not yet taken a decision on the matter.

time before the Apple SIM arrives. However, the timing could be

Acelered by the fact that the proposal of the Morsicata Apple is in line with the

The Commission has also proposed that the Commission should take the necessary measures to ensure that the Community’s competition policy is not distorted.

allow easier and more convenient management of national contracts; and

International. But also towards the introduction of SIM carrier-free, i.e. freed from a specific operator. Also

if, after all, the Apple Sim could lead to always have a

The only interlocutor, especially in the area of payments: and this could be

Apple itself.

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