Supergrain was born with the intention of introducing a new approach to business intelligence, API-first and focused on the developer.

An approach that can rethink the paradigm of business intelligence. May it combine business logic and provide consistent metrics that teams can question at any time and from anywhere.

For data analysts, Supergrain provides a simple workflow to develop, test and publish metric definitions. For decision makers, it provides source-of-truth metrics for querying and displaying in the tools of their choice.

The company developer defines Supergrain as a Headless BI solution. With a single layer of interoperable metrics

Supergrain says that such a solution represents the next evolution of business intelligence and critical infrastructure for all modern data teams.

The Supergrain startup has been given as a mission to enable the next generation of data-driven organizations. Companies where each member of a team is a data consumer, regardless of their function, role or preferred tool.

These teams consume data without having to make excessive efforts and make decisions through custom-made applications for their workflows. And in a scenario where the underlying data is consistent, easily accessible and well-governed.

Business intelligence for modern data teams

The startup recently launched a public beta version of Supergrain, with three key components of the platform.

First of all, a metric framework: a flexible YAML-based definition language and a CLI workflow that allows for rapid metric development.

Then the portal: a web application that provides teams with a catalogue of published metrics and tools to manage integrations.

Finally, an open API and a query language for the query, which feeds any application of data or workflow consuming metrics.

In a world where decision makers consume data from many data-driven applications, Supergrain believes companies need to standardize metric definitions through different interfaces so that everyone is aligned.

And the data teams responsible for measuring the business need better tools to manage shared business logic, metadata and integrations. And it is to these modern business intelligence needs that Supergrain intends to respond with its platform.

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