For those who are looking for a source of advice, tips, insights, tutorials and, why not, inspirational ideas on the realization and promotion of WordPress-based sites, the blog Go by can represent a good

The blog Go by hosts content produced by industry experts, on a range of topics. From the construction of the website to web design and to the improvement of the visual identity of your brand; from the creation of content to blogging; from digital marketing to tutorials that deepen techniques and procedures.

Of course, given the host platform, the focus is on WordPress architecture and its ecosystem. However, there are also articles dealing with tools and techniques that can be generally valid, regardless of the platform used for your site.

For example, in the section dedicated to digital marketing you can find tips on how to make the most of keywords to improve your SEO strategy, or how to attract more listeners to your podcast.

In the category of the website building we find advice on how to attract the best talents in circulation, on the page dedicated to job opportunities in your company, as well as a guide for beginners on editing and upload videos.

The video is becoming increasingly important on the web as well as on social media. The article in question offers some data that underline the importance of this trend and how this has been consolidated for some time.

YouTube, a platform completely based on video, is the second largest search engine in the world. In 2016, Business Insider reported that users watched 500 million hours of video a day on YouTube, compared to 300 million hours a day in 2014.

The video explosion also affected social networks: again in 2016, Facebook reported that users watched 100 million hours of video a day; Instagram, for its part, recorded an increase of 80% in the use of video year after year.

In the web-design-focused area, advice on best practices for non-designers, or suggestions on how to create visual elements and photographs of great impact for your site, can be useful, especially for less prone developers to the graphic aspect,

The Content & Blogging and Tutorials sections are equally rich in ideas.

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