Our future will be built on integrated experiences and to create them we need a deep integration of business data, whether known or unknown. Fabio Invernizzi of Boomi explains it.

The evolution that Boomi is proposing to the world of medium and large companies is in the wake of the digital transition: from a concept of integration tout court of the infrastructures has moved towards a vision of ‘integrated experiences’ bringing even greater consistency and focus

We understand this by talking to Fabio Invernizzi, head of the South Europe area of Dell Boomi.

Dell Technologies’ company, which provides a cloud-based as-a-service (iPaaS) integration platform, is the bearer of a new vision based on integrated experiences, with the aim of supporting companies to connect at once

The approach leads to converge information, integrations and interactions, built from a common integration foundation, adding data availability and contact points for user involvement.

New integrated experiences allow all of the data of an organisation to be connected to all applications and ecosystems, regardless of where the single data resides: on-premises or in the cloud.

The Problem to Be Overcome

Boomi starts from the consideration that often customer information is managed by different suppliers or is owned by different groups. All aspects that lead to isolating data from platforms and from those who are in charge of the design of the actual point of contact with the customer: in the end they are architectures that limit the customer’s experience.

Integrated experiences instead centralize the experiences of users and customers in the iPaaS model, building on the foundations of integration and combining three basic elements: data availability (edge to core), pervasive connectivity (unifying all endpoints

By creating a 360 degree view of customer relationship, regardless of where data resides, on-premises or in the cloud, companies can incorporate new IT paradigms to gain a competitive advantage. Based on the cloud, Boomi’s approach eliminates costs through low-code application development and intelligence, enabling transformation to a more modern IT infrastructure. Concretely Boomi, reveals Invernizzi, has recently concluded a contract with a retailer to change the go-to-market to face social selling.

The answer: integrated experience

Boomi’s value proposition is very technical: ♪ We connect everything to everyone, quickly, following the business driver. Our product has evolved a lot, with artificial intelligence and Devops

The integrated experience, explains Invernizzi, is the way to propose the platform data driver: Â Today it is all driven by an app, which integrates touch points with the customer: date, customer service, delivery. You have to make sure that all applications and processes compared to a user are connected. But if we have too many IT systems that are not spoken, data silos, myriads of dark data, different data quality, not available with Api, we need a hand that is the guarantor of integration. This is where Boomi’s field is.

Dark date?

♪ Yes, 50% of the data in the company are unknown ♪ explains Winters -. With data discovery and preparation Boomi finds them and understands them, creates containers, synchronizes them and exposes them to third parties to create the interfaces of dialogue with the customer.

A journey to discover business data, which is not done in a month, but that is the way to make the digital transition.

IT at the highest corporate levels

In this way, Conmenta Invernizzi, the IT level rises in the company, becomes the protagonist of the change, its responsive sits on the board. It is in fact the sublimation of IT in the business, of which it becomes a direct enabler.

This is also true of public data, the services of the citizen. We would not be surprised, in fact, if we were to hear soon about citizen integrated experience.

Boomi’s awareness in the context of Dell Technologies is growing in this scenario, with Alliance Managers that grow Boomi, to create end to end projects, without seeing the infrastructure part separate from the application.

• The evolution of the product is towards ease of use, with artificial intelligence. In the market › explains Invernizzi › we work more closely with advisors and global system integrator ›

What about DevOps?

• With a couple of global system integrators we are talking about it for the Continuous integration continuous development • explains Invernizzi -. We created a framework, written with Boomi Flow, a kind of process management that reports DevOps rules and controls the platform. Check the design, testing, deploy process with an external interface.

Speaking with the Cio Boomi understands that there is a high complexity and that integration is increasingly important: • The launch of integration processes is complicated, change is frightening to processes. So we do the Integrated Center of Excellence, a professional service, consulting, where everything is written: interview, gap analysis, documentation, for business development.

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