To strengthen the values of quality and sustainability as a key lever to enhance the excellence of Made in Italy and support the evolution of the agri-food chain, Beer Peroni has become the protagonist of a traceability project based on blockchain.

Sustainability and transparency towards the consumer are the fundamental assets of the project that led to the introduction on the Peroni beers range, the traceability in blockchain of 100% Italian malt.

The project was born from the collaboration with the startup pOsti, which aims to enhance the transparency of the food supply chains, through a digital and personalized narrative, and EY that has made available the technological solution EY OpsChain Traceability that supports

The open model, born within the framework of the Campus Peroni project, has led Beer Peroni to be the first beer brand of national importance to track in blockchain its distinctive ingredient and that, in perspective, lays the foundations for monitoring and tracing, long

The experimental blockchain traceability project was launched by Beer Peroni in May 2020 and covered local maize, the characteristic ingredient of Blue Ribbon.

With the success of the first driver, always made with the startup pOsti, Beer Peroni decided to extend this innovation in a stable way to the beers of the Peroni family, tracing them in blockchain the main ingredient: the malt 100% Italian

The open project of Beer Peroni

The actors of the 100% Italian malt chain and the data sources from which to acquire the information that constitutes the information heritage of the production process of Peroni beer have been identified.

The assets were therefore acquired and notarized in blockchain: some information in clear, other encrypted because commercially sensitive and therefore not to be made public.

The information thus acquired, guaranteed through the Ethereum blockchain, and represented through a multimedia storytelling, was therefore made available to the consumer through a QR Code on the label of bottles that refers to a personalized landing page, also on the basis of

The experience is immersive, thanks to the use of virtual reality solutions, an experiential path enriched by images, texts and sounds to discover the journey of the 100% Italian malt from the

The project is the first step in a wider vision. Traceability allows the most relevant information to be collected and structured in the process from the field to the consumer, not only those related to the raw material, but also those related to the transport, processing and packaging phases used, including its innovative elements and design and/

This opens up the possibility to exploit the blockchain to automate controls and reporting of sustainability initiatives, concretely supporting the ambition of Beer Peroni to use all raw materials obtained 100% in a sustainable way by 2030.

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