Blockchain would still be a unsafe space for investors and companies, due to a large number of hacks: according to, the total amount of money lost due to hackers would have reached 8.5 billion

Despite the increase in regulations and controls, according to the alarm launched by, hacks would continue to influence the blockchain sector.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have tried to expand and grow in recent years, but one of the main challenges facing this industry is due to the large number of attacks involving exchange, wallet and applications.

The report states that there are almost two attacks every three days in this area, making it very difficult for companies to expand and for users to feel protected in this market. In general, investors and operators manage large amounts of money that does not seem to be protected as it should.

This is not good, he points out, even for the larger and more traditional investors who want to be confident that their funds are always safe. These investors would not feel comfortable placing funds in a sector that is attacked every month and in which vulnerabilities are very common.

The EOS network was the most hit blockchain on the market with 114 hacking events. Cryptocurrency exchange, adds, has also been severely affected: 59 attacks have been suffered in recent years. In the case of exchange, usually the way the attacks take place to the funds is through phishing of the employees or forcing the systems and trying to exploit a vulnerability.

The decentralised TRON (TRX) applications have also been targeted at attacks several times.

According to, security needs to be improved in blockchain and cryptocurrencies systems: data would show that there is still plenty of room for improvement in this area.

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