Digital transformation is no longer a theory: many Italian companies in recent months have actually made the qualitative leap that has been missing for some time, adopting smart working and digital solutions.

It would be too easy, however, to think that we have overcome all obstacles and that the road is downhill. Indeed, the rarefaction of the working environments has led to the creation of new liquid companies.

We are talking about companies for which physical geographic locations are overcome by the current reality: in fact almost all Italian organizations (and not only) have employees active in the most diverse places, often in private homes.

It is easy, immediate, almost instinctive to understand the great advantages of being able to perform your tasks as a smartphone, tablet and laptop. What is often underestimated is the aspect of cybersecurity.

If the company is everywhere today, liquid, it must be protected wherever it is.

Because a company can and often must be spread, but not out of control for this.

Especially because if a company is everywhere, so are cybercriminals.

An authoritative source such as the Clusit (Italian Association for Computer Security) in its 2020 report launched a serious alarm bell: in the three years 2017-2019 serious cyber attacks have increased by 48%, and the growth has had a further acceleration in the last half of the year

Liquid and aware companies

The key element of cybersecurity is undoubtedly awareness. Only with an adequate level of understanding of the potential risks will it be possible to respond decisively and effectively, preserving your company and its integrity.

Device management is one of the basic elements of cybersecurity. Today the BYOD phenomenon (bring your own device) has become standard in many companies, and this involves the concrete risk of another phenomenon, which goes hand in hand: the shadow IT, in other words the use in the business environment

Furthermore, joining a business network with unprotected devices also exposes the potential loss of control over personal information: identification data, combined with other personal data, can result in identity theft.

How many endpoints to protect

Protecting endpoints becomes essential. What needs to be clear is that the concept of endpoints has expanded over time.

We would have talked about computers and servers once. Today, there are also other elements to consider. Laptop, smartphone, tablet, but also a POS: all these are examples of endpoints, and to defend them you need to have a valid endpoint protection solution.

Email management is an additional, and well known, weak point of cybersecurity. It is essential to always pay attention to emails even if they seem to come from a known person or a reliable company.

Like BYOD, it is unthinkable to let every single user’s attention be the only bulwark against cyber criminals: technology must be exploited to the full and there are very effective solutions.

Another very widespread technology in companies of all sizes is the cloud.

Protecting cloud-based emails, along with other cloud-based file sharing and collaboration services, is essential to ensure cybersecurity. Equally important to secure cloud applications, as there are numerous SaaS solutions in your company, such as Microsoft 365.

Control everything, secure everyone

The full control of potential vulnerabilities is the key element that governs everything so far exposed: a software solution that can also verify potential gaps in the network infrastructure and, fundamental factor, compliance with current regulations, GDPR in the first place: the sanction mechanism

There are many pieces of information security puzzle, and no one thinks they can be considered a sort of free port to cyber criminals.

There are no less risky sectors and the size of your company is not even relevant. The only sensible choice is to move now, to secure your company by choosing a solid partner and proven reliability: your future business is at stake.

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