The space industry is growing and innovation is reducing barriers to entry into an area that was once the prerogative of governments and Microsoft has the ambition to make the space sector even more accessible by developing reliable technologies enhanced by Azure to accelerate launch and improve security

Microsoft has announced a new initiative to support innovation in the space sector through cloud computing, Azure Space: a range of solutions, collaborations with the ecosystem of partners and a strategy that leverages integrated cloud and satellites to respond to

Partnerships with SpaceX and SES satellite communications providers will enable Azure to offer integrated cloud services and secure satellite connectivity anywhere in the world.

New technology based on Azure cloud platform, such as Azure Modular Datacenter, Azure Orbital Emulator and Azure Orbital, will support the provision of secure high-intensity cloud computing services.

A Microsoft space team has called on Azure Space to collaborate with some of the leading space experts, such as William Chappell, formerly in Darpa, Chirag Parikh previously White House Director of Space Policy on the National Security Council and Stephen K

Azure Space is linked to the construction of an ecosystem of satellite providers that will help meet the worldwide connectivity demand, further accelerated by the deployment of IoT and 5G devices.

According to Microsoft, reducing latency and matching broadband connection performance, it will be possible to offer cloud computing and satellite connectivity services even in remote areas and to meet the needs of organizations in every industry, from agriculture to energy, from telecommunications to

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