Greater safety for passengers thanks to the direct connection with the EAV Operating Centre and the forces of order, train-station connection for monitoring of data, images and positioning of the train as well as more effective services on board thanks to the screens in the carriages and the possibility of access All this is part of the project “Safe Train” presented this morning in Naples by the President and DG of EAV Umberto De Gregorio in the presence of the Councillor for Research, Innovation and Start Up of the Campania Region, Valeria Fascion

The project, promoted by the Volturno Autonomous Authority, was carried out in partnership with the companies Axians (of the Vinci Energies Italia Group) and Cisco who provided and installed their digital systems. The new technologies were presented by Salvatore Perrot, Managing Director North West, Centre-South of Axians Italy, Enrico Mercadante, Leader Team Sales & Technical Specialists for the South of Europe by Cisco Thanks to the new WI-FI technologies used, reliable broadband connectivity is guaranteed even when the train is on the move. The elements to achieve a real revolution, a radical change in information systems and services to the public, are all there. The main ingredient is that of having managed to network.

Umberto de Gregorio, President and DG of Ente Autonomous Volturno, said that Eav was not just about using extraordinary technologies, thanks to agreements such as that signed with Cisco and Axians and the collaboration that resulted.

For EAV the Open Innovation is a very relevant theme. In recent years, the company has been continuously collaborating with the Cisco and Apple Academys, participating in several hackathons that have inspired important technical solutions.

The Volturno Autonomous Authority has supported numerous projects by the academy boys. For example, in the creation of an app developed by students of Cisco DT Lab, with the support of the Research and Development sector, which exploits the technologies developed by Cisco and other partners.

The role of Axians as a partner of the project

To explain the particularities of the technical realization of the plant, Salvatore Perrot: • Thanks to the Partnership that has linked us to Cisco for a few years, we are increasingly able to realize projects In the field of transport and in particular the metro, Axians Italia has become more and more expert in working even in hostile or difficult to access sites to realize the best architectures and infrastructures of network. The type of Cisco application we have adopted for this experimentation, allows to have a ground-train data communication with traffic experienced without disservice and with a low

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