Amazon Web Services (Aws) launched the Aws BugBust Challenge, the first global competition dedicated to developers to collectively eliminate a million software bugs.

Developers around the world can take part in the challenge with just a few clicks, creating an Aws BugBust event for their organization in the Amazon CodeGuru console, and thus compete to receive prizes and prestige, identifying and correcting bugs in their

Solving bugs and saving their organizations, developers scale the rankings of Aws BugBust to receive recognition badges, exclusive prizes and the possibility of a paid trip to participate in Aws re:Invent 2021 in Las Vegas

One of the most important steps in software development is code revision, notes Amazon Aws. This process helps to ensure the correctness of the code and the use of best programming practices.

As codebases grow larger and new features are added to applications at an increasing speed, the volume and complexity of code revisions increase.

This is why developers are constantly looking for better and less boring ways to run queue reviews, in order to make their applications safer, more reliable and more efficient.

Some organizations launch bash bug events where teams collaborate to find and fix bugs, but these events require developers to spend most of their time manually inspecting large codebases. And this limits the ability of teams to work together, share best practices and eliminate a large number of bugs.

Aws BugBust, highlights Amazon, is the first global challenge of bug-busting for developers, which has the goal of collectively eliminating a million bug software and 100 million dollars of technical debt for their organizations using Amazon Code

Amazon CodeGuru is a developer tool that uses machine learning to identify bugs and find the most expensive code lines in applications.

The tool helps developers automate code revisions and application profiling with its two components.

Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer uses machine learning to report common problems in code and provide specific recommendations on the remedy, and Amazon CodeGuru Profiler uses machine learning to identify the most expensive code lines in applications.

By participating in the Aws BugBust Challenge, customers can easily organize Aws BugBust events in the Amazon CodeGuru console, where they can select their applications to profile and analyze, and then invite their teams to participate in the Aws B

Whenever developers solve a bug and save money, they will score points to climb the private BugBust ranking of their organization and see how they rank among their teammates.

The total number of bugs resolved and the cost savings of each participant will be added to the Aws BugBust global ranking during the event, Amazon explained, making participants eligible to receive profile badges, exclusive prizes and the possibility of a paid trip

Aws BugBust is now available in the US East region (N. Virginia), with availability coming to other regions where Amazon CodeGuru is offered.

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