Aws announced a new training initiative: Machine Learning Essentials for Business and Technical Decision Makers.

Aws offers a series of three digital training on demand courses offered by AWS Training and Certification.

These courses aim to help entrepreneurs and managers start developing a machine learning strategy for their organization, even in the absence of a previous experience with machine learning.

Each 30-minute course includes examples from both Amazon’s 20-year experience in climbing machine learning within its organization and lessons learned through the countless applications of this technology with its customers.

These new courses are based on the AWS Machine Learning Embark program, a practical and exclusive machine learning accelerator that combines managers and experts to solve business problems thanks to the use of machine learning and an experience of

After completing these 3 courses, entrepreneurs and technical experts will be able to assess the readiness of their organization and identify the departments where machine learning can have a greater impact, as well as identify the steps to follow.

Last year Aws announced that it wanted to help 29 million people around the world to improve their technological skills through free cloud computing lessons by 2025.

Machine Learning Essentials for Business and Technical Decision Makers is a new step towards achieving this goal. The programme proposes three different courses:

Machine learning: The art of the possible is the first. Through the use of clear language and specific examples, this course helps to understand the basics of machine learning, the most common areas of use and potential challenges.

Planning a machine learning project, the second course, explains how to prepare your organization to use this technology. The first step is to understand whether machine learning is the right tool to achieve the goals set. By asking key questions to better design the development of the machine learning strategy, this course helps to understand fundamental aspects such as data availability, timing and project development.

Building a Machine Learning Ready Organization, the last course, offers useful information about the preparation of its organization to successfully implement machine learning from data evaluation, corporate culture to the elaboration of guidelines for its machine project.

Democraticizing access to free machine learning training

Although machine learning has the potential to transform almost all sectors, most companies struggle to adopt and implement this technology on a large scale.

A recent research conducted by Gartner shows that only 53% of machine learning projects go from being a prototype to being built. Today the biggest barriers are linked to the culture and organization of companies.

Managers have a key role in addressing these challenges through the dissemination of a corporate culture aimed at continuous learning and innovation. Nevertheless, many organizations do not have the resources to develop their knowledge of Machine Learning and its use cases.

With the new Machine Learning Essentials for Business and Technical Decision Makers, Aws provides its knowledge in this field through free digital training courses

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