Aws announced the availability of Contact Center Intelligence (CCI) solutions, a combination of services that allows customers to easily integrate artificial intelligence into contact centers, made available through Aws Partner Network (APN) partners.

Aws CCI has solutions for self-service assistance, real-time call analysis and agent assistance and post-call analysis, which allows customers to rapidly deploy artificial intelligence into existing workflows or to create a new network of

Contact Center Intelligence solutions allow you to take advantage of machine learning capabilities such as transcription, speech synthesis, translation, corporate search, chatbots, business intelligence and language understanding in the current contact center environments.

Customers can now implement machine learning solutions in contact centers to help self-service, real-time call analysis, and agent assistance and post-call analysis.

AWS Contact Center Intelligence solutions offer a variety of ways in which organizations can quickly and conveniently add machine learning intelligence to their contacts centers, through AI pre-trained services from Aws. Contact Center Intelligence is currently available through participating APN partners and is focused on three phases of the contact center workflow: Self-Service, Live Call Analytics and Agent Assist and Post-Call Analysis.

The KIC Self-Service solution helps with the creation of ML-led chatbots and IRs (interactive voice response) to address the most common queries that a contact center workforce receives more often.

This allows call center employees to focus on more value-added activities.

To implement this solution, you like working with Amazon Lex and/or Amazon Kendra. The novelty of this solution is that Lex… Kendra not only satisfies transactional queries (i.e. book a hotel room or reset the password), but also addresses the long queue of questions of customers whose answers live in the systems of First, these questions and answers had to be hard coded in Amazon Lex, making it harder to implement and maintain.

The Live Call Analytics & Agent Assist solution allows real-time service management to increase productivity and staff involvement. Here, Amazon Transcribe is used to perform voice transcription in real time, while Amazon Comprehend can analyze interactions, detect caller sentiment and identify key words and phrases in conversation. Amazon Translate can also be added to translate the conversation into a preferred language!

The Contact Center Intelligence post-call analysis solution is an automatic analysis of the conversations in the contact centers, which tend to leave data usable for feedback cycles of products and services. Similar to real-time call analysis, this solution combines Amazon Transcribe to perform voice recognition and creates a high quality text transcription of each call, with Amazon Comprehend to analyze interaction. Amazon Translate can be added to translate the conversation into the preferred language and Amazon Kendra can be used for contextual queries in natural language.

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