Aws announced the availability of Amazon Lookout for Vision, a new service for manufacturing industry, which analyzes images using computer vision and sophisticated machine learning capabilities to detect defects and product or process anomalies in manufactured products.

Amazon Lookout for Vision is able to train a model for a customer using only 30 basic images.

Customers can quickly start using Amazon Lookout for Vision to detect production and production defects (e.g. cracks, dents, wrong colors, irregular shape, etc.) in their products and prevent these costly mistakes from progressing along the operating line and reaching

Along with Amazon Lookout for Equipment, Amazon Monitron and AWS Panorama, Amazon Lookout for Vision offers industrial and manufacturing customers a complete suite of cloud-to-edge industrial machine learning services.

In today’s manufacturing industry, production lines are shut down due to lack of quality defects or inconsistencies, which can lead to millions of dollars of costs being exceeded and revenue lost each year.

To avoid these costly problems, manufacturing companies must maintain constant diligence to ensure quality control.

Quality assurance in industrial processes generally requires human inspection, which can be boring and inconsistent at best, or at worst, unrealizable.

Artificial vision brings the speed and precision needed to identify defects consistently; however, the implementation of traditional artificial vision solutions can be complex.

Creating artificial vision models from scratch requires large quantities of images carefully labeled for each element of the production process.

Therefore, data scientists must create, train, distribute, monitor and optimize artificial vision models to analyze each single step of the product inspection process. Even small changes in the production process (e.g. replacement of an spent component with an equivalent alternative, product specification updates or a change in lighting) mean having to retrain and redistribute the individual model and perhaps other downstream models in the production process, which is Because of these barriers, visual anomalies systems based on artificial vision remain out of reach of the vast majority of companies.

Amazon Lookout for Vision offers customers a highly accurate and low cost fault detection solution that uses artificial vision to process thousands of images per hour to detect defects and anomalies, without the need for machine learning experience.

Customers send camera images to Amazon Lookout for Vision in real time to identify anomalies, such as product surface damage, missing components and other irregularities in production lines.

Using a machine learning technique called

According to Aws, in addition to allowing the service to detect anomalies without large amounts of training data, this capability also allows the service to be adaptable to a wide range of inspection activities within industrial contexts. After analysing the data, Amazon Lookout for Vision then reports images other than the baseline via the service dashboard or the real-time API…………………

The new Aws solution is sophisticated enough to maintain high precision with variations in the camera angle, installation and lighting resulting from changes in the work environments. Customers also have the possibility to provide feedback on results (e.g. if a forecast correctly identified an anomaly or not) and Lookout for Vision automatically retrains the underlying model so that the service improves continuously.

This function allows technology to adapt to changes in the production process and even to understand when changes are allowed or not based on customer feedback. This means that customers can be more agile and adapt their processes to competitive advantages or external factors that influence their operations.

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