The specialist in augmented reality Niantic announced that he had acquired Hoss with the intention of accelerating and expanding the developer experience (DX) of the Lightship platform.

Hoss’ team has expertise and experience in building developer solutions for businesses whose business is based on APIs.

Hoss provides API-driven teams with the tools they need to market API offers, monitor critical integrations, understand their customers and use the product and grow and support their customer base.

The name of Niantic is certainly less known than the realizations of the company. Niantic’s augmented reality technology is the basis of games that have become world phenomena, such as Pokémon GO.

To understand the context of this acquisition, it is appropriate to take a step back.

A few months ago, the company announced a new name for the Niantic Real World Platform: Niantic Lightship. But the novelty was not just in the name.

At the same time, the company also offered wider access to the new Niantic Lightship Augmented Reality Developer Kit (ARDK), to allow developers to build their own augmented reality applications.

Niantic Lightship Augmented Reality Developer Kit is a set of tools that allow developers to create multiplayer experiences and give them life with depth, physics, occlusions and semantic segmentation.

Niantic is also building the 3D map of the world with its Virtual Positioning System (VPS) and advanced tools to power a completely new type of contextual content on a global scale.

In this way, Niantic Lightship, according to the company’s vision, will give digital content creators the opportunity to bring their virtual content into the real world seamlessly and realistically. To create a completely new type of digital experience.

The most immediate application is in gaming, but it is not the only one.

This technology can enable realistic augmented reality experiences in many other fields.

For example in the gameification.

Or • stresses Niantic • can become a tool with which brands can create more meaningful connections with their audience and reach Not to mention the possible applications in art, social media and more.

For Niantic, now, the acquisition of Hoss can help build a robust set of tools that make it easy to work with Lightship and create a lively community of developers.

Hoss › has highlighted Niantic › in less than two years has proven that it can put on the field a proven understanding of the needs of the developers, creating engaging and easy to use solutions

As part of Niantic’s DX team, Hoss will help build the platform portal in view of the next launch of Lightship ARDK.

Beyond the launch, Niantic then pointed out, the expanded DX team will be continuously iteration on the overall experience of the developers, as more of them interact with the platform tools, support and Niantic team.

The ARDK Lightship is currently in private beta and the team is updating the augmented reality tools in the vicinity of the public launch, which will take place in November.

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