He had been talking for a long time and the official announcement finally arrived. Auditel will also make TV listenings on digital devices (SmartTv, Smartphone, Tablet, PC and Game Console) public at home and outside the home. The data will be collected with the new census collection system (already active from 16 December 2018), which measures not only the performance of the contents but also that of advertising.

• Data on digital devices detected with the census system do not replace or add up • has specified the president of Auditel, Andrea Imperiali • simply join the data traditionally collected with the sampling system:

Andrea Imperiali also wanted to point out that \ that presented is only the first release of the new Auditel solution. There will be further steps already in September and then in January 2020, to reach, at the end of the route, the goal of the “Total audience of TV” or the integration of the traditional TV ratings with those of digital devices, through metrics uni

For now • only • • • 86,5% of total TV listening

With the traditional sample system, Auditel takes over the ratings of about 191 publishers. With the new censuary system, it will initially receive the ratings of only 6 publishers, which, however, represent 86.5% of the total television listening: DeAgostini, Discovery, La 7, Mediaset, RAI and Sky. The detection is however on all devices enabled to view via IP protocol (Tablet, Smartphone, Smart TV, PC, Set-Top-Box, Mini-Set-Top-Box, Game Console,

For now, Auditel detects listening via desktop and mobile browsers and has also started detecting those generated on smart TV. The published data does not yet include the vision through apps, which are completing the certification phase and will be added to very shortly.

Entering more technical detail, to measure the ratings on Auditel digital devices uses four new metrics:

AMR-D (Average Minute Rating-Device). I listen in the average minute of the devices. It is actually identical to the traditional TV AMR, but instead of measuring the viewers in the average minute, it is at the same state that the devices are quantified in the average minute (at least one or more people are in view); LS (Laws Stream It is calculated for both the viewing of linear content (live) and the viewing of on-demand content (VOD); TTS (Total Time Spent): is calculated by adding up all the seconds in which each device has displayed editorial and advertising content of

• AMR-D is the closest metric to that of traditional TV, which is currently side-by-side but not sumable, because it is based on devices and not on individuals • has concluded Imperiali The WEB is not TV: there is no total internet, you cannot calculate the share as you are used to doing

On the margins of the presentation, Lorenzo Sassoli de Bianchi, President of UPA (Users of Associate Advertising, the Italian Association of Investors in Advertising) said: • The new Auditel The ability to measure television content on all digital devices will allow a more articulate and penetrating representation of the new consumer segments, encouraging innovation in both advertising and publishing products. This is a result of great value

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