Through Operation Evil Web, the Economic and Financial Police Unit of the Gorizia Finance Guard has seized 58 illegal websites and 18 Telegram channels. Through 80 million annual accesses, these represent about 90% of audiovisual and editorial piracy in Italy.

Among the sites covered by the measure is that which for analysis of… trafficking and for content disclosed has been catalogued as a reference point in the national context for the dissemination of guides, software and computer methodologies usable to obtain (on different platforms) access to the contents

The incision of the intervention was determined by an innovative investigative approach developed in synergy with the Isontina Judiziary Authority which saw, for the first time in the criminal field in Italy, the adoption in the real precautionary measure on the so-called Alias This procedural innovation is allowing, day by day, the inhibition of hundreds of new web domains unlawfully created to circumvent the original provision of the Judicial Authority.

In addition, international judicial cooperation procedures have been activated

The investigations, which resulted from the in-depth analysis of a subject, hidden under Diabolik’s nickname, started from Friuli Venezia Giulia and also spread in Puglia, Emilia Romagna and abroad (Germany, Holland and States).

The focus has been on both the world of audiovisual and editorial piracy, and the illegal system of so-called IPTV, allowing to identify and refer to the competent Judiziary Authority four IT experts operating in the web behind fantasy nicknames (Diabolik, Over time, these had become real oracles of the network dedicated to dissemination • also with the help of instant messaging and broadcasting services • of countless illegal multimedia content (first-view films, audiovisual products that are the

Moreover, in relation to illegal IPTVs, activities are being carried out to identify about a thousand subscribers to the so-called “partet” also from abroad , which will be reported to the judicial authority. for the violation of the law The same people may also incur the crime of concealment.

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