Open Hybrid Cloud Atos provides companies with a fully-managed on-premise solution that allows them to migrate from traditional operations to native clouds in an easy and fast way, accelerating the transition to a clo strategy

The solution is based on the new Anthos platform of Google Cloud and the open source Kubernetes and OpenStack, adopts Hybrid Cloud technology that allows for greater operational efficiency and faster application implementation,

Open Hybrid Cloud adds Atos’ Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) functionality and is able to run Kubeflow on-premise, exploiting artificial intelligence and intelligence capabilities.

As a managed security service provider (MSS) Atos provides expertise and expertise in cloud end-to-end coordination and management, meeting the access and control requirements of European and global regulations.

The important theme of compliance, so much that Giuseppe Di Franco, CEO Central Eastern Europe & Italy underlines how “Conjugation of Atos’ competence and integration capabilities with Google Cloud technology helps companies

The modularity of identity and access management solutions and military-level encryption services allow companies to maintain complete data management, improving security and trust in business processes and applications that support them.

Since the beginning of its global partnership with Google Cloud, launched in April last year, Atos has signed numerous partnerships with important Google Cloud customers operating in the industrial, pharmaceutical and telecommunications sectors.

Access to the Beta version of Open Hybrid Cloud is available now while the full version is scheduled for release in the second half of the 2019 solar year.

For Eric Groll, Senior Executive Vice President, Global Operations at Atos. ›Open Hybrid Cloud accelerates the transition to the new potential offered by the hybrid cloud based on Anthos because it allows companies to take advantage of all the advantages of

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