Brothers Guzzini, a well-known Italian design brand, has become a data-driven company implementing Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and giving cross-access to data, with security and automation in the cloud.

Renzo Specoli, Head of Information Systems of Brothers Guzzini, in a note underlines that analysis is a constant in Brothers Guzzini to take advantage of more and more data, algorithms and probability in our daily work.

In a note by Oracle, Specoli reveals that Featured with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse we use the database efficiently, allowing multiple users to reuse the same connection, stored in tables; this means less access, By being able to scale automatically according to requests, we eliminate the need to manage scalability even at an intermediate level, which is extremely expensive in terms of database and hardware resources.

For Brothers Guzzini to be data-driven means integrating the phases of the business processes, from the design of its furnishing accessories to the production of the same up to the sales and customer care activities.

To do this, Fratelli Guzzini has realized with the help of gway, R1 Group dedicated to consulting, the application world and the governance of systems in operation, a datawarehousing project based on the autonomous and safe technologies of Oracle Autonomous

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse is one of the versions of Autonomous Database and is enabled by machine learning technologies, to exploit the elasticity and economies of scale allowed by cloud data management, containing complexity and increasing the It is an autonomous database that self-manages, self-protected and self-repairs without downtime, allowing IT staff to devote more time to value-added activities.

Through Oracle Autonomous DataWarehouse, the amount of data from a variety of heterogeneous sources is understood and managed to be channeled into analysis and business intelligence processes.

Another important advantage for Brothers Guzzini was the availability of a tool for the presentation of data and analytics of self-service type, which can be easily used by users at all levels of the company hierarchy, in accordance with the respective prerogatives.

This is Oracle’s low-code Apex platform, run within the Oracle database, which allows you to create integrated dashboards and interactive analytics more quickly and immediately.

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