The emergency Covid-19 forced the government to issue a recent Dpcm, which among other limitations imposes the closure of the fairs, including the famous Artisan event in the Fair.

Management Fairs, the company that organizes the largest event in the world in its field, has announced that Artigiano in Fair 2020 will be in a new mode, a totally digital event: Artigiano in Fair LIVE.

Ge.Fi. stated in a note that \ For the anti-Covid provisions contained in the last Dpcm we are evidently unable to realize Artigiano in Fiera in the halls of Fieramilano. Artisan at the Fair Live is the platform that will allow everyone to find the craftsmen, know their work, appreciate their excellence and buy their products. We have thus thought to keep alive the contact between companies and the public of Artigiano in Fiera through a story and a digital sales mode, in a more dilated period: from 28 November to 20 December 2020. Each craftsman will have a space inside this online showcase that will connect him with the public, opening virtually the workshops and showing the most significant productions, available for purchase. To further support this experience, Ge.Fi. will take charge of shipping costs. In the coming days we will show you more details to allow everyone to live this year the experience of Artisan in the Fair in a new way, but equally engaging.

For all Italian realities, large and small, it is therefore time to look at digital transformation with renewed interest.

Procrastinating the adoption of modern ecommerce and digital identity solutions really has no justification anymore.

In fact, only those who were already in the middle of digitalization have best cushioned the backfires resulting from the pandemic, for others it was to cope with unprecedented and anything but slight difficulties.

Now that a second wave of Covid-19 is happening, with the spectre of a new lockdown on the horizon, it is time to accelerate towards the future: it is an obligatory path and to be undertaken as soon as possible.

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