The European Commission has presented the plan for • A Europe suitable for the digital era • focused on a strategy for data and a White Paper on artificial intelligence.

The EU Commission’s plan adopts all key parts of the vision for excellence in IA described in June 2018 by CLAIRE, the Confederation of Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratories in Europe.

AixIA, an Italian association that joins CLAIRE, fully supports the position of the European organisation that welcomes the decision of the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, to undertake a precise action aimed at significantly supporting the development of the technological

As stated in a note Piero Poccianti, President AixIA the Commission’s White Paper is certainly a good starting point for outlining a vision of the development of artificial intelligence in Europe with the contribution of all the countries and paradig A good result for us is also the need, finally expressed by the Commission, to rethink the current socio-economic model and the environmental impact by promoting the circular economy, the reduction of inequalities, the well-being of humanity and the planet.

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Artificial intelligence focused on man

President Von der Leyen has defined artificial intelligence as a top priority given its social and economic impact and the massive investments that China and the United States are making.

The same themes had led, almost two years ago, to the birth of CLAIRE, a network designed and realized precisely to gather ideas and insights capable of raising Europe and giving it a leading role in research and innovation in the field of

Since then, CLAIRE has grown to the point of bringing together more than 350 laboratories and research organisations on the IA, representing over 20,000 researchers and staff from all over Europe.

We are excited to learn that the plan outlined in the Commission White Paper is in strong agreement with the vision of European

The Commission’s attention to a reliable and focused on man, ethical boundaries, and the mobilisation of artificial intelligence skills across Europe is in fact highly appreciated by the whole organisation. The White Paper recognises the need for a broad network of artificial intelligence research centres and larger-scale structures, focused on strategic application areas ranging from agriculture to energy and financial services.

More importantly, the creation of a European hub for

The Commission argues that This is a statement which applies not only to its Member States but also to the European research community on artificial intelligence. It is therefore important to focus on excellence instead of highlighting methodological and technical differences.

The Commission’s approach also addresses the need for a regulatory framework for artificial intelligence in Europe, as stated several times by CLAIRE, who has made himself fully available for action as quickly and profitably as possible.

The organisation also undertakes to provide the Commission with detailed contributions and feedback on the White Paper in the coming weeks from its large community of artificial intelligence experts.

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