The Minister for Technology Innovation and Digital Transition announced that, with the passage to the Council of Ministers, Italy adopted the Strategic Programme for Artificial Intelligence (IA) 2022-2024.

The Strategic Programme for Artificial Intelligence was the result of joint work by the Ministry of University and Research, the Ministry of Economic Development and the Minister for Technology Innovation and Digital Transition.

The Programme adopted by Italy is in line with the European Strategy and outlines twenty-four policies to be implemented over the next three years.

These policies aim to strengthen the artificial intelligence system in our country, through the creation and enhancement of skills, research, development programmes and applications.

The objective • underlined the Minister for Innovation • is to make Italy a centre on competitive artificial intelligence at global level, strengthening research and encouraging technology transfer.

Initiatives for artificial intelligence

Among the initiatives dedicated to talents and skills are planned interventions to increase the number of doctorates and attract the best researchers to Italy. The programme also includes policies to promote STEM courses and careers and to strengthen digital skills and artificial intelligence.

The strategic programme also includes the policies necessary to strengthen the structure of the Italian research ecosystem in artificial intelligence, promoting collaborations between academia and research, industry, public bodies and society.

Mitd has evidenced that it aims, among other things, to the creation of new chairs of research on artificial intelligence and to promote projects to encourage the return to Italy of professionals of the field. And to finance national data and software sharing platforms.

Finally, the last area concerns policies aimed at extending the application of artificial intelligence in industry and public administration.

Measures in favour of companies are designed to support Transition 4.0, to foster the emergence and growth of innovative companies in the sector and to support them in the testing and certification of artificial intelligence products.

The interventions for the Public Administration are aimed at the creation of data infrastructures to safely exploit the potential of big data that generates the PA. They will then be directed to the simplification and personalization of the public services offer and to the innovation of the administrations, through the strengthening of the GovTech ecosystem in Italy.

This last measure, Mitd stressed, provides for the introduction of periodic calls to identify and support startups that offer solutions based on artificial intelligence that can solve critical problems in the public sector.

To ensure effective governance, monitor the state of implementation of the strategy and coordinate all government initiatives on the subject, the permanent working group on artificial intelligence was set up in the Interministerial Committee for Digital Transition.

The statements of the ministers

The Minister of University and Research Maria Cristina Mess said: “The Italian system of research and training is ready to lead the strengthening of this sector.

The strategy is an extraordinary opportunity for competitive growth: we create the conditions for young Italians, especially women, who decide to invest in study courses and in research on artificial intelligence to be able to do so, at the highest level, remaining in our country. And we also stimulate exchanges and meetings with many researchers from all over the world.

Giancarlo Giorgetti, Minister of Economic Development, said: • With the Strategic Programme for Artificial Intelligence, we aim to bridge the gap in the development and adoption of innovative solutions in this technological field, giving new impetus to the digital transition of our

Artificial intelligence is the tool with which our country in the coming years wants to strengthen the interaction between research centres and enterprise, in order to create the premises for a development based on the capacity of innovation.

Vittorio Colao, Minister for Technology Innovation and Digital Transition, commented: • The strategy is the basis for launching concrete programmes and investments to make Italy competitive at international level and with a more efficient public system.

We anticipate acceleration programmes for startups that propose innovative solutions for PAs and ad hoc initiatives to significantly raise the quality of public processes and services and improve the relationship between citizens and states. On this point we will work in agreement with the Minister for Public Administration using investments in the Innovation Fund.

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