The Nvidia Artificial Intelligence specialist highlighted five ways in which this technology has helped improve the world in 2021.

According to Nvidia, technology is clearly making the world a better place.

Scientists, researchers, developers and businesses have tried to solve some of the most pressing problems on the planet.

And now their efforts can be supported by the use of artificial intelligence accelerated by hardware, a field where Nvidia is among the leading companies.

The benefits of the use of technology have emerged in some of the challenges of 2021, which Nvidia highlighted.

Covid-19 research and artificial intelligence

In 2021, medical researchers were able to accelerate the results of the discovery of a vaccine at months rather than years. Artificial intelligence, along with acceleration hardware and specialized software, such as those of Nvidia, helped in this.

Nvidia takes the example of research institutes that have started to exploit GPUs in their work in the electronic cryomicroscopy, a technique used to study the structure of molecules

To underline this technological shift, four teams have used Nvidia’s fast-paced computing and artificial intelligence platforms to win finalists’ seats for a Gordon Bell award or a Gordon Bell special prize for Covid research.

Modelling of climate change

Scientists are working on the modeling of climate change. In the study of melting polar caps, a recent project aims to predict the loss of marine ice.

But, if you could accurately model the entire change of the Earth over time, using physics-based models and high-resolution graphics to show regional changes?

Nvidia recently shared a project to create a digital twin of Earth in Omniverse. The project includes the world’s most powerful artificial intelligence supercomputer, Earth-2, dedicated to predicting the impacts of climate change.

Rapid disaster detection

Disaster events such as large fires and floods can present dramatic budgets in terms of victims, as well as destruction of livelihoods and assets, with consequent economic consequences.

Flood detection models • highlight Nvidia • can help people in areas threatened to evacuate in time to escape during heavy rains.

Similarly, artificial fire detection intelligence can help to stop the spread of fires, prevent further air pollution and the loss of trees and houses.

Fair Work

The United Nations, citing the impact of technological progress on the labour market, has helped develop a strategy for the future that sets targets for decent and inclusive labour growth.

Nvidia gives an example of the startup of data science Sama, who is committed to creating job opportunities for the least-serving communities.

The company’s platform, accelerated by Nvidia GPUs, offers its customers the opportunity to collaborate with a socially responsible company and work with the less well-off communities.

In addition to the social benefits of helping to reduce inequality, Sama aims to address data distortion.

The creation of different data sets • • • • • • • • •

Training of students

Younger generations • stresses Nvidia • need to develop skills, especially in STEM fields, to address these important challenges. And here too è sure Nvidia   artificial intelligence

For example, to improve the engagement in the classroom, a research team supported by the National Science Foundation of the United States has developed an artificial intelligence to assist mathematics teachers.

Nvidia is also working with various companies to bring a hand-on training on artificial intelligence to young people.

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