In the current process of digital transformation, artificial intelligence together with the cloud and the Internet of Things will become increasingly a crucial technological element, which will be integrated into the business not only of large companies, but also of SMEs.

There are already numerous cases where there are positive impacts linked to the introduction of artificial intelligence in the business processes, where companies have decided to automate repetitive parts and with less added value of the processes themselves, which were previously managed by the man.

A possibility that has allowed a significant reduction in errors and the definition of new products or services. In practice, the application of artificial intelligence has allowed new markets to be opened, with significant impacts on business development.

In addition, systems that provide artificial intelligence as an interpreter of the big data collected by IoT sensors and studied by analytics software are allowing an increasing number of companies to make decisions on the performance of their business even in real time mode.

But what are the guidelines for bringing artificial intelligence into business? We asked a CEO: Danilo Rivalta of Finix Technology Solutions.

The artificial intelligence, Rivalta explains, is one of the three strategic pillars on which the development of Finix Technology Solutions is based, together with cybersecurity and all of the IoT: the more and

The artificial intelligence is among the technologies on which we have focused with conviction › explains Rivalta › based on in-depth market analysis and the strong internal In a way, I believe, completely new in Italy.

Made in Italy artificial intelligence

• continue Rivalta • promote and integrate within our artificial intelligence Our professionals are constantly engaged in scouting, to find talent and technological creativity, and to give young Italian entrepreneurs the opportunity to express their full potential and find bigger and bigger stages.

To do this Finix integrates the different visions of partners based on the business of customers and puts them into system, • offering what startups need most in Italy: not necessarily capital, but access to a market made of concrete needs

Rivalta says that Finix is currently working to \”democratize artificial intelligence and make it more accessible, \”from the point of view of understandable, but also cost” to a large number of subjects, through the \”software as a

♪ We are focusing very much on investment in retail, where we see a great potential for growth for artificial intelligence ♪ conclude Rivalta -. A sector where systems such as chatbots, natural language and Erp systems based on artificial intelligence will be able to make a difference, and decree the success of a company, especially in the digital era in which we are living.

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