It is not yet for sale but it is already a success. The Apple Watch will only be on the market as of April but there are several analyses that indicate it as the smart watch destined to become by far the market leader. After Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley, the predictions of Strategy Analytics, based on the interest expressed by users of the iconic 6/6 plus towards the next Apple Watch, are now coming.

From the data collected (the most conservative), Strategy Analytics reports that the clock made in Cupertino should be awarded by the end of the year almost 55% of the whole market. This compared to a number of units sold at 15.4 million, compared to 12.7 million sold by all other manufacturers of similar products. It should be noted that in 2014, according to the investigation company, the smart watches sold were 4.6 million and therefore the platoon of Android products will show an increase of almost 300%. But despite this striking result, in a few months of life the Apple Watch seems destined to subvert the entire market, a bit like the marketing of the iPod and the iPhone.

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