Rumors were insistent that the special Apple event would be completely focused on services. And so it was: we talk here about Apple Card, the new credit card license plate ♪ mela biticata ♪ And there was a lot of murmur about the video streaming platform.

Tim Cook, on stage of the special event, has permanently raised the curtain on Cupertino’s new services, including Apple TV+.

It is the new platform with original TV programs produced by Apple. So it goes down to compete, as many had assumed, in the sector, among others, of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

The Stars of the Apple

For the original content, Apple has relied on some of the most creative minds in the entertainment world. Many of these ninety-nine-seventy-seventy-seventy-six have reached Tim Cook on the keynote stage to present their programs.

We’re talking about characters from the world of cinema and TV like Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, M. Night Shyamalan and many others.

Apple TV+ will start in the autumn of this year. The streaming platform will allow access to films, documentaries, series and TV programs. All this, on demand, without advertising and directly from the Apple TV app.

As regards the Apple TV app, the company of Cupertino has renewed its interface and the experience of use. This is a unique environment for access to all your favorite TV content, including Apple TV Channels.

All movie, series, sports, news and more modes of viewing are now combined into a single app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. The updated app will arrive in May this year. And this is not the end: for autumn, the new version for Mac, Apple TV app, is also available.

Also, perhaps even more interesting news, the Apple TV app is coming on smart TV and streaming devices. For Cupertino, TV content of this importance (and investment) cannot be limited to the use on their devices. And the choice seems very sensible.

So, the Apple TV app will be available on Samsung smart TVs already this spring. Next, the app will also arrive on Amazon Fire TV, Lg, Roku, Sony and Vizio platforms. By the end of the year, users of Vizio, Samsung, Lg and Sony smart TV compatible with AirPlay 2 can play videos and other content from their iPhone or iPad directly on the TV.

Apple TV channels and Plus service programs

By subscribing to the new Apple TV Channels, including Hbo, ShowTime and Starz, users will only pay for the services they want. They can watch everything on demand, even offline, with high video and audio quality, ensures Apple.

The experience of video content is centralized in the new Apple TV app. From here you can also buy or rent movies and programs from iTunes. With a new interface and navigation structure, customized and optimized for the increase of available content.

From May onwards, you can subscribe to your favorite channels, choosing them from the Apple TV Channels. Users can view them in the Apple TV app without the need for apps, passwords and additional accounts.

The new Apple TV app is designed to learn about users’ interests to offer a personalized and secure experience. Lup will recommend movies and programs from over 150 streaming apps, including Amazon Prime and Hulu, and pay TV services.

Clearly, it must always be borne in mind that the availability of individual channels and services may vary depending on the country. Apple TV Channels contains all channels in a single and convenient interface of a single app. Overcoming the segmentation of each service with its own app.

But these channels must be available in our country to make use of. We shall see if the content will only be available to the United States at the launch. Or if Apple and the owners of the services will take advantage of the opportunity to extend the availability also to other markets, including perhaps also Italy.

As for Apple TV+, prices and availability of subscription service will be announced in the autumn.

In this case, Apple’s Italian website also reports that ♪Si is airing this autumn ♪. We’ll see if you’ve already got the original localized content. In any case, like other video streaming platforms, even in the case of Apple the choice of content will only grow over time.

More information is available on the Apple website at this link.

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