Everyone bets on the birth of an Apple car driving autonomously in the coming years and probably will be really so, since the smart car market will be in the future, even in the medium term, one of the most interesting. But Apple’s first real step in the automotive world is completely different: the company of Cupertino has invested a billion dollars in Didi Chuxing, a Chinese company that re-proposes Uber’s model and goes beyond with a service similar to that of

Didi Chuxing is not exactly a small startup. It is already participated by Chinese giants including Alibaba and closed 2016 with a presence in over 400 Chinese cities, 14 million registered drivers (between taxis and private cars) and an average of over 11 million races per day. The Chinese company also pointed out that the one received by Apple è il maggior indivulgazione solo che l’azienda è mai ricevuto della senza della senza senza senza

Apple’s move has a dual value: to strengthen its overall presence on the Chinese market, which is certainly crucial, and to gain experience in the automotive field. Didi Chuxing from this point of view is a technologically interesting platform for its ability to connect those who have to move with those who offer transport services, a service that in various ways will become increasingly important even in the West with the development of the great Smart City.

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