Intesa Sanpaolo announced that Apple Pay service is available to all its customers. The latter is Apple’s digital payment system, which can be used via iPhone and Apple Watch.

Apple pay works in apps and on the web, but also in physical stores, where the service is supported. Compared to the manual credit card process, it makes mobile payments easier and faster. And also, highlights Intesa Sanpaolo in the presentation statement, safer and private.

Apple Pay is available on all credit cards, prepaid cards and XME Card debit cards issued by the Intesa Sanpaolo Group. This is another important part of the process of digital transformation undertaken by Intesa Sanpaolo, the Italian banking group stresses. A step that further confirms the bank’s willingness to propose itself as a leader also in the digital payments sector.

Digital payments

Security and privacy, says Intesa Sanpaolo, are the main features of Apple Pay. When using a debit or credit card with Apple Pay, the card number is never stored. This is not happening on Apple’s device or servers.

Instead, a unique, encrypted and securely stored identification number is assigned to the protected element of your device. Each transaction is authorised with a single dynamic protection code, which changes from time to time.

In addition, Apple Pay is easy to configure. And it allows those who use it to maintain all the benefits and benefits offered by their debit and credit cards.

Apple Pay is supported by the latest generations of iPhone and Apple Watch. In addition, online you can pay with Apple Pay even with some Mac models. All information on requirements and how to pay with the service is available on the Apple website at this address.

Massimo Tessitore, Intesa Sanpaolo Integrated Multichannel Manager, said that About Apple Pay, we also give our iOS customers the opportunity to have a cutting-edge payment tool to shop in the The aim is to make concrete solutions available to our customers, able to make everyday operations easier. The smartphone is increasingly used, even in mobile payments: offering our customers the opportunity to pay with Apple Pay is a tangible proof of the attention we constantly reserve to their satisfaction, through the proposal of the best technological solutions.

Apple Pay spreads in Italy

Intesa Sanpaolo is not the only bank to introduce support for Apple’s payment system.

Indeed, as the aforementioned page of the Apple site highlights, Apple Pay support has now spread in our country.

Since its initial introduction, with the Unicredit, Carrefour Banca and Boon circuits, many others have been added.

For example, Bank Mediolanum, which also launched the service with a television commercial, American Express and others.

From the retail operators’ point of view, you can pay using Apple Pay in numerous supermarkets and shops.

The service is provided by Auchan, Esselunga, Leroy Merlin, Mondadori Store and several others.

And then of course the apps: digital context and, if you like, native to a system of this type. Among them:, easyJet, Delivery and many others.

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