Apple today announced an important new investment in the Apple Developer Academy in Naples, which will provide training and work opportunities for thousands of aspiring programmers, creators and entrepreneurs across Europe. In collaboration with the University of Frederick II, Apple extends the programs of the Academy until 2025 and launches a new resource plan for former students that will allow you to have more opportunities to build and develop their entrepreneurial initiatives.

Since the opening of the Developer Academy in Naples in 2016, nearly 2,000 students have passed through the Academy program, which provides tools and training to find and create jobs in the growing economy of iOS apps . which supports more than 1.7 million jobs throughout The Apple Developer Academy’s course includes professional skills, programming, design and marketing and prepares students with the full range of skills needed not only to participate in the economy of iOS apps but also to start their own activities. 3,000 students also attended the 30-day Foundation introductory courses, which were offered in collaboration with several universities and nonprofit organizations across the country. The Foundation courses are designed for students who are interested in acquiring a greater knowledge of programming, providing basic skills and an entry into the industry or the Academy.

Apple’s new investment will extend the Apple Developer Academy program until 2025 and will create a new Alumni program to help graduates pursue new opportunities and entrepreneurial initiatives.

The 2021 class of the Academy is composed of students from almost 20 countries around the world, all of whom came to learn, collaborate and innovate.

Apple’s Academy not only prepares students for the business opportunities of iOS app economy, but supports them in their career path once the program is completed. Over 100 companies participated in recruitment and job fair events for the graduates of the Academy, and participants in the program have undertaken successful careers in Italy and worldwide. Graduates interested in entering the labour market receive on average many job offers based on the skills and experience acquired through the Academy.

In addition to teaching the basics of programming in Swift, the Apple Developer Academy also emphasizes the collaborative aspect and encourages students to have a positive impact in their communities.

The new Alumni programme further expands the resources of existing career placements. Through the new program, all the graduates of the Academy will have access to a Mac and an iPhone for another two years, as well as a plan of training programs, networking, and access to external speakers. The goal is to support former students with resources to help them continue to develop and create new businesses. Students can stay in Naples or access the Alumni program from anywhere in Europe, expanding the scope of the Academy across the continent.

Apple already offers the Pier, a full-time continuing training opportunity in Naples for graduates of the Academy. The programme combines second and third year students with public and private sector organisations, allowing students to continue their training and provide support for app development. Pier students help organizations to imagine, design and create apps to support their communities and solve concrete problems.

The students of the second and third year enrolled in Pier have the opportunity to put into practice their training by providing support to the development of apps for organizations based in Italy and worldwide.

This includes collaboration with the Volunteer Service Overseas to design an app that will help manage over 6,000 iPad devices distributed in more than 150 schools in Malawi; collaboration with the regional government in Campania, to facilitate the demand for funding from local entrepreneurs

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