Last month, Apple and Google announced a partnership on a technology for tracking Covid-19 contacts, which could help governments and health authorities around the world to address the ongoing emergency.

Apple and Google have also committed to constantly publishing and updating the draft specifications and technical documentation, mainly aimed at developers who will have to implement this solution built in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, documentation that also covers the aspect of privacy,

Apple has now published further instructions on the framework ExposureNotification on the developer site, which allows the implementation, explains the company in Cupertino, of a…

The Bees of this tracking technology are available in the iOS 13.5 (and higher) Sdk, which is currently in Beta.

Using the ExposureNotification framework, developers can create apps that inform people about potential exposure to Covid-19, as well as create a notification system that uses random keys and identifiers to transmit positive diagnoses in addition to data such as associated symptoms,

In addition to the framework specifications, Apple has also published code examples that illustrate how to build a….”sample” app that allows people to know when they came into contact with someone who meets a set of criteria in a Covid-19 case.

Not all developers will be able to access the framework’s functionality. Before developing an app that uses exposure notification, Apple explains, you must be enabled and have received permission to use (the request must be forwarded to Apple).

In the terms of the Exposure Notification Entitlement Request, which you can consult on the developer’s website, it is stated that there are a number of requirements for Apple’s Entitlement Profile.

To use the API Exposure Notification, you must be a government agency or a developer that has been approved and endorsed by a government entity for the development of an application on behalf of a government, in response to the emergency Covid-19. In addition, the Entitlement Profile is limited to a request per country, unless the country itself has a regional approach or otherwise agreed with Apple.

There are also numerous additional requirements (and the guidelines can be updated and further strengthened at any time by Apple, so it is advisable to always work on the basis of the updated content) for the use of the Api, whose implementation is intended exclusively for the contact trac app

As is understandable, many of the requirements are designed to avoid misuse of data that is very sensitive. For example, contact tracing apps cannot include advertising, promotions or marketing content. In addition, the data collected can only be used to support the initiatives to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, and for no other reason (not even by law enforcement to apply quarantine).

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