The interview with Silvia Fossati, by Appian.

One year after the launch of the recovery plan at European level, which led to the PNRR in Italy, 01net carries out an investigation, based on a series of interviews with the main companies operating in Italy in the ICT on their strategy for digitalisation of the

We talk with them about four key themes of digital transformation: resilience, cybersecurity, cloud, environmental and social sustainability and the answers allow you to build the ICT reality participation map for the country’s growth in the digital sense.

And there is one more theme, the fifth: in a spirit of consultation, we ask that Italian entrepreneurs be given an extra idea, capable of producing immediate value in terms of efficiency and competitiveness.

For Appian, the Vice President Area, Southern Europe, Silvia Fossati, responded.

A year after the Recovery Plan, where are we with the real transformation of the country: with what solutions, skills and services do you participate in the missions of the PNRR involving digital?

Appian makes available a technology to accelerate the digitalisation path of organizations. The Appian low-code platform facilitates, and above all speeds up, the development of innovative applications and automation of complex business processes. This is a path that has been slowed down in the past by highly high-code development modes, and by products for the automation of very complex processes and with long release times that have effectively hindered the conversation between IT and business and left a great distrust on the issues of We are working with various central and local administrations on projects very closely related to the PNRR, including, for example, a project to report the funds provided through the PNRR. As a corollary, we are working with the network of our business partners to facilitate this transition and make applications and accelerators available to shorten time to market and facilitate re-use.

The key component of digital transformation is the cloud. What are the choices that Italian companies will have to make in 2022?

We believe that cloud migration is a choice that more and more companies and organizations will look forward to in the near future to freeing up resources and getting a faster time to market, always ensuring higher level ALS levels. Obviously, there are important factors to consider, starting from the high reliability for mission critical systems and applications, the sourcing of new skills required by the cloud, from skills for the design of new architectures to legal skills for the

After the Cop26 it was understood that sustainability, both environmental and social, now affects not only all countries but also all companies. What is your strategy on these issues?

We are a company founded on ethical principles and our stakeholders, both inside and outside, are our most important resource. We have always tried to improve the quality of life around the world and, in addition to offering a complete set of benefits to our employees, we have enabled “Affinity Groups” to celebrate our people, who are at work and outside of it. Appian sponsors six groups of this type that strive to create positive and lasting impacts

within our company and the communities in which we operate through social, educational and awareness-raising activities. We also strive to help support the environment in various ways, we have made significant progress in reducing, for example, the need to print documents by exploiting our work automation software platform for digital signature and approval processes.

For our customers, we have facilitated, together with our partners, the collection of data and information from different systems, for the detection and processing of KPIs to be provided to compliance teams and suppliers, realizing in fast times a view on what has been done

ICT idea of 2022

If you were to offer a single investment (product, solution, methodology) to an Italian company, a choice that could produce an immediate benefit in terms of efficiency and competitiveness, what would your advice be about?

Our advice inevitably concerns a low-code platform. The timeliness of the release of solutions required by the business has become fundamental, there are no longer times for high-code projects lasting months/years, which have often not seen the light. To seize the opportunities offered by the market, to draw on funding for the country, to be able to react quickly to new extraordinary events, the time factor becomes the most critical element. On the other hand, care must be taken when assessing the platforms best suited to your needs, the rapid development offer for simple applications or departmental processes is becoming broad. Otherwise, if the goal is to prepare applications that have an enterprise-based breath that cross multiple departments and must integrate with legacy and core business applications, the range of the offer is narrowed. And Appian guides precisely this latest scenario of offer, aimed at covering a complete process automation. We often notice that, just talking about automation, a mere objective of efficiency has been pursued through for example the adoption of robotic automation of some repetitive activities, without covering the final objective of complete automation to ensure also effectiveness and high levels of Automation in its various forms, added intelligence are all excellent accelerators that must be in support, in the vast majority of cases, of human task forces.

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