Appian announced the acquisition of Lana Labs, developer of the LANA process mining platform. Lana is known for its experience in complex business processes, the powerful analysis of processes based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, simple data integration and ease of use. Thanks to its solutions, Lana’s customers spend less time consolidating data and more time discovering inefficiencies in processes.

With the addition of the native mining process, Appian can now provide an even more complete low-code automation suite.

The LANA platform has an exclusive machine learning algorithm that automates the analysis of the more complex business workflows, making the companies more intelligent and efficient.

Appian is very experienced in modeling and low-code automation of processes. The information from the process analysis can be used to implement mission-critical applications with the Appian platform. The result can be an optimization of the processes that can be used and continuously with people, systems and data unified in the same workflow.

Appian chose Lana Labs for the virtues shared between organizations and products. The LANA platform is recognized by Everest Group as one of the main contenders in the process mining sector. Lana’s analysis of complex business and production processes, supported by artificial intelligence, is in line with Appian’s focus on simplifying the most important workflows of organizations. Like the Appian low-code architecture, the LANA platform product architecture is modern, container-based and portable between the Cloud AWS and the client-managed environments. Both companies undertake to ensure:

Competence in complex processes. The integration of the Lana mining process in Appian will allow a rapid automation of the insights resulting from the analysis of the most complex business workflows of an organization.

Flexibility and scalability. Future-proof architectures based on the latest technology, the most advanced algorithms and the high extensibility.

Easy to use for non-technical users. The extreme ease of use and the transformation of pre-built data put powerful automation in the hands of business users.

Customer satisfaction. Lana Labs shares Appian’s commitment to offering value to the customer. Appian is the choice of global business customers for enterprise-level low-code application platforms, and the LANA platform is loved by customers around the world.

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