On the occasion of the online event Summit, Adobe has unveiled several new business solutions for analytics and ecommerce, starting from Customer Journey Analytics, a new enterprise application of Adobe

Built on the basis of Adobe Experience Platform, Customer Journey Analytics allows brands to connect omnichannel data in a unified view, easily view and analyze the complete customer paths and access real-time to

Adobe Customer Journey Analytics is designed to extend the types of insights that brands have access to by introducing new capabilities and features of artificial intelligence enhanced by Adobe Sensei, which allow companies to view the customer

As we said, new for ecommerce business too. San Jose’s software house has launched new features for Adobe Commerce powered by Magento (formerly Magento Commerce) that extend the intelligence of features such as product recommendations and live research.

In addition, the upcoming integration with Adobe Sign will enable seamless online business experience for all transactions requiring electronic signatures as part of the checkout process.

Again: the new Adobe Journey Optimizer application is designed to help brands optimize and customize experiences through the entire customer journey, whether they are engagements initiated by the brand, such as weekly or custom promotional emails

Brands can use a single application to put consumers at the heart of the customer’s journey and go beyond the orchestration of individual campaigns for a complete and intelligent customer journey management.

Adobe Journey Optimizer is built natively on Adobe Experience Platform and combines a variety of data types, including behavioural, transactional and operational data on multiple contact points in a single centralised customer profile that is constantly updated.

With unified profiles that are constantly updated, brands have a complete 360-degree view of their consumers and can get insights in real time to anticipate the next best action to take.

Customer journey designed in Adobe Journey Optimizer can be dynamic and event-based to help brands react to real-time signals and connect those interactions with a broad and audience-based engagement, so that

The solution is also provided with built-in digital asset management features, enhanced by Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials, also announced during the Summit: these allow brands to adopt an agile approach to content

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