CollabNet VersionOne (CollabNet), specialized in collaborative development and Agile planning, and XebiaLabs, focused on DevOps for companies and specialized in release orchestration, deployment and continuous

Together with the merger, the two companies also announced that Ashok Reddy, a long-standing industry expert and former Broadcom executive, where he led the Enterprise Software Division, joined the combined company as CEO. Derek Langone, current CEO of XebiaLabs, will play the role of Chairman of the company resulting from the union of the two companies and Stephen Gregorio, EVP and CFO of XebiaLabs, will play the role of

Founded in 2008, XebiaLabs is a well-established provider of development tools for version management and automation. The company provides release orchestration and application delivery software, which allows companies to orchestrate, automate and analyze the entire pipeline of software releases on an enterprise scale.

In the common vision of the two companies, the downstream features of XebiaLabs integrate the portfolio of CollabNet’s upstream products, which includes VersionOne, for corporate Agile planning and management, VS, Value St platform

The objective of the company resulting from the merger of the two companies was illustrated by the CEO of the new reality, Ashok Reddy, according to which the union of forces between CollabNet and XebiaLabs will be able to provide a platform that allows the digital

More information about CollabNet VersionOne and XebiaLabs is available on the respective sites.

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