A few months have passed since the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding which saw Ammagamma and the Istituto Comprehensivo 3 of Modena . Mattarella…………

Given the success of this first experience, which is positive in all respects for the more than one hundred students who took part in it, Ammagamma and the Mattarella Institute decided to give life to the next phase of the project. The aim is to educate adults to understand and use the data and technologies of artificial intelligence, in a conscious and responsible way, that is to teach teachers of the first cycle (primary and secondary school of first degree) of other schools in Italy, so that they can learn to learn the language

Artificial intelligence is in fact integrated into our daily digital life and can be a valuable support in the decision-making process of people. But what is artificial intelligence? What is it that can do and where can it be applied? How to read the data we see every day?

Education to artificial intelligence not only means realizing what the intelligent tools are, but also, and above all, it means understanding their functioning to reduce the’magic’ perception and dystopic vision of what might be the

The journey, which will take place between the spaces of the Istituto Comprehensivo and the convent of Sister Orsoline where Ammagamma is based, will guide the participants in a journey between the technological evolution of artificial intelligence and the cultural history of Modena,

The course is accredited S.O.F.I.A., with code 60473, will give right to educational credits and will be held at the future Leo space lab of the ic3 of Modena (Medici schools Mattarella, Viale Pier

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