The giant of the ecommerce announced Amazon Style, its first fashion physical store, where customers can find a selection of women’s and men’s clothing, shoes and accessories.

Amazon Style is designed to combine the best of shopping on Amazon Featured and convenient Featured Shopping Experience with a new shop experience designed to inspire customers.

With Amazon Style, customers can browse the brands they already know and appreciate, but also discover new and emerging designers among hundreds of brands.

The shopping experience in the shop is \ as it was expected \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \

With the Amazon Shopping app, people have the option to send items to a dressing room, where they can use a touchscreen to browse multiple options, evaluate products and request other sizes or styles. These are then delivered directly to the dressing room in a few minutes.

In Amazon Style, Jeff Bezos’ company wanted to combine fashion and innovative technology, combined with a management of operations at the level of a company like Amazon, to help every customer find the perfect look for themselves.

The first Amazon Style store Featured has announced the company

Using Amazon Shopping app, you can simply scan the QR code of an item to see size, colors, overall customer ratings and more details about the product.

With the touch of a button, buyers can add the item to a dressing room or, if they do not need to try it, send it directly to the pickup counter.

Amazon claims that Style store will offer a much larger selection of items than a traditional store of its size, without requiring customers to search the shelves to find the right color, size and fit.

In addition, the buying experience is focused on customization.

In Amazon Style, you dress artificial intelligence

Machine learning algorithms produce customized and real-time tips for each customer while making purchases.

For even more personalised experience, customers can share information such as style, fit and other preferences to receive even more accurate advice.

Also the offers are more personalized and convenient: customers can easily view the offers in the store that match their preferences, directly in the Amazon Shopping app.

Similarly, Amazon Style also reimagines the experience of the trial dressing room, turning it into a customized space where customers can continue shopping in an apparently endless wardrobe of styles.

When a buyer enters his dressing room, he will find the items he requested during his visit to the shop, plus other options chosen according to his preferences.

Customers can continue shopping from the dressing room without having to go out. Using the touchscreen, they can evaluate the items to get new choices in real time and require more styles and sizes, which will be delivered to their dressing room closet in a few minutes.

This fast delivery is made possible by Amazon Style’s on-site operations, with advanced technologies and processes used in Amazon distribution centres.

The shopping experience is made more comfortable in various ways.

In addition to the wide selection of Amazon Style items available in the store, customers can easily find and purchase more styles online.

In addition, the articles scanned in Amazon Style are saved in the Amazon Shopping app, making it easy to revisit and purchase later. As well as easily find other online items of new brands discovered in store.

In addition to all this, customers can purchase from the myriad of clothing items on, request delivery to Amazon Style and try out items in a dressing room. If an item is not good, you can return it simply in the store.

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