Amazon Lex, the Aws service with which developers can create chatbots to fit into their applications, has been updated with a new console that makes it easier to build, distribute and manage conversational experiences.

Along with the new console experience, Amazon Aws has also introduced new V2 APIs, which include continuous streaming features among other things. These improvements, the Amazon development team points out, can allow AWS customers to reach new audiences, have more natural conversations and develop and iterate faster.

The new Amazon Lex console and V2 APIs make it easier to build and manage bots by focusing on three main advantages. First, you can add a new language to a bot at any time and manage all languages through the life cycle of design, testing and implementation as a single resource.

The new console experience allows you to quickly move between different languages to compare and refine conversations.

Secondly, V2 APIs simplify the versioning. Amazon Lex’s new console and V2 APIs provide a simple information architecture where bot intent and slot types are limited to a specific language. Versioning is run at the bot level so that resources such as intents and types of slots do not need to be verseed individually.

All resources within the bot (language, intent and slot types) are stored as part of the creation of the bot version. This new way of working makes it easier to manage bot.

Finally, developers have additional tools and productivity features of the builder, which offer more flexibility and control of the bot design process.

You can now save the partially completed work while developing different bot elements such as script, test and setup of the configuration. This provides greater flexibility during the iteration process related to the development of the bot.

In addition to saving partially completed work, you can also navigate quickly within the configuration without losing the reference points. The new Conversation flow feature allows you to maintain orientation while moving between different intents and types of slots.

In addition to improved console and APIs, with this Amazon Lex update, Aws provides a new streaming conversation API.

Natural conversations are cadenced by breaks and interruptions. For example, a customer may ask to pause the conversation or keep the line while searching for the information needed before answering a question.

With streaming conversation APIs, you can pause a conversation and manage interruptions directly while configuring the bot. Overall, the design and implementation of the conversation is simplified and it becomes even easier to manage.

Thanks to this update of Amazon Lex, Aws points out, the bot builder is able to quickly improve the conversational capacity of virtual contact center agents or smart assistants.

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