Amazon Web Services announces that Amazon Lex and Amazon Polly are expanding language support.

You can build machine learning-powered applications that adapt to user language preferences. These easy-to-use services allow you to add intelligence to business processes, automate workflows, reduce costs and improve user experience for your customers and employees in a variety of languages.

Amazon Lex is a service for the construction of conversational interfaces in any application that uses voice and text. Amazon Lex now supports French, Spanish, Italian and Canadian French. With the addition of these new languages, you can build and expand your conversation experiences to better understand and involve your customers in a variety of different languages and accents. Amazon Lex can be applied to a diverse range of used cases such as virtual agents, conversational IVR systems, self-service chatbots or application bots. A full list of languages is available here.

Amazon Polly is the service that turns text into a real conversation, offering voices for all Amazon Lex languages. Our first voice as Australian Englishman, Olivia, is now available in Neuroal Text-to-Speech (NTTS). Olivia’s vocal personality and voice have an expressive sound, natural and easy to follow.

Now you can choose from three entries of Australian English: Russell, Nicole and Olivia. For a full list of Amazon Polly entries, the list is available on Amazon Polly voices.

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