The digitalisation of 2020 has pushed Amazon to exceed the goals of staff announced in July: the company has declared that in 2020 it has created more than 2,600 permanent jobs in Italy. Amazon’s overall workforce today is more than 9,500 permanent employees across the country.

The company announces that engineers, software developers and cloud experts have been hired, workers returning to the labour market and young people to the first experience in the 40 Italian offices: at the Corporate Offices of Milan, the Development Centres of Turin and Asti; the data centers in

The Commission notes that the Commission has not yet concluded that the aid granted to the applicant is compatible with the internal market. Our growing investments in the Italian Plan are aimed at building the digital and physical infrastructure to provide products and services to millions of Italian customers and help the digital development of over 14,000 small and medium-sized Italian enterprises.

Investment in SMEs and infrastructure

Amazon supports SMEs wishing to start their own business, digitise an existing one or increase their business turnover with programs such as…Sell on Amazon,…Logistics of Amazon, and through the new Accelera training program with Amazon that

Amazon also continues to invest in its logistics infrastructure in Italy. In 2021 will open 2 new logistic structures: a Distribution Center in Novara and a Smistamento Center in Spilamberto (MO), which will generate 1,100 new jobs indefinitely in three years, which will be added to the current 9,500 employees employed in These new structures expand the existing logistics network that includes the sites inaugurated in 2020: two Distribution Centres, in Castelguglielmo/San Bellino (RO) and Colleferro (RM), and 10 Depositions of Smistamento, in Biton

And to further strengthen Italy’s position in digital on 28 April 2020 Amazoin Web Services opened an infrastructure region consisting of several data centers located in Italy. The Aws Europe region of Milan allows more developers, startups and businesses, governmental, educational and non-profit organisations, to offer services to end users with lower latency and to carry out workloads and store data in data centers located in Milan.

The Aws Europe region of Milan is the sixth Aws region in Europe, which is added to the already operational regions in France, Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Sweden and the regions which are now opening in Spain and Switzerland.

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