In a fully online capacity, the 2020 edition of Amazon Business Exchange was held, in which digital transformation as a key factor for e-procurement was a key topic.

Todd Heimes, Director, Amazon Business International opened the event. The manager has evidenced numerous brilliant examples of use of the new ways of working, digitizing processes now outdated. This result was only possible thanks to the agility that digital transformation and Amazon Business can offer.

Companies that have made strong investments in this direction in the past are now enjoying the benefits of what they have done in the past. For the realities that still have to step evolutionary, there is still time to change strategy.

Amazon Business, continued Heimes, is ready to assist partners, accompanying them towards a more efficient future and… therefore… more profitable.

The US company added more than 75 million items sold by VAT matches to its marketplace compared to the 2019 Amazon Business Exchange. Numbers that alone make you understand what disruptive force can assist those who rely on Amazon Business

Moreover, Amazon Business’s business model is particularly flexible, and this allows business customers to easily (and precisely) integrate the buying experience into their procurement. A flexible platform that can adapt to both a SME or a professional, as well as to the needs of a large enterprise.

Without forgetting a strategic sector in our country, that of the Public Administration (schools, public offices, health facilities and much more)

Nabil De Marco, Director, Amazon Business Europe compared Maik Müller Head of Global Transaction Center Procurement & IT KWS Berlin GmbH and Yolanda Blazquez Muñoz Procurement Processes & O

Both speakers shared very similar experiences: initial difficulties, linked to complexity in communication and reasonable concern for the health situation.

But also and above all the willpower to overcome the difficult period through structured and effective digital transformation processes. The scenario drawn by the two managers is in many ways similar to that of Italy.

Hearing about resistance to change by the workforce, which has been used to traditional processes and ways of working for many years, is not new in our country.

However, as Maik Müller pointed out, once the first harshness was overcome, users realized the practical advantages and were enthusiastic about the new way of working.

Simplification is the key to digital transformation for both managers: a vision shared by Amazon, De Marco has been closed.

This also allows real data exploitation, also thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

It was evident, in the managers’ speeches, a sincere enthusiasm for the opportunity to collaborate with Amazon Business in the process of digital transformation: the work of synergy with strategic partners is essential, and allows to obtain a significantly faster ROI.

What Alexa can do for shopping

Reaching customers with every tool, making available to them the widest possible range of tools is indispensable for modern organizations.

A path well highlighted by Yoelle Maarek, Vice President, Research and Science, Alexa Shopping.

The manager has indicated the most promising technology in the voice assistants. After all, all the biggest brands in the IT sector are engaged in this segment: Google, Microsoft, Apple and of course Amazon. Voice assistants follow us and assist us everywhere, says Maarek: car, house, office, while walking.

We live in a technological future that is already present and that Amazon has embraced fully. It is what the company defines as \customer obsessed science Â, whose aim is to optimize customer satisfaction in the long term, starting from its current needs and continuing guiding the technological development to manage and also predict new demands.

Alexa Shopping is an example of this effort, which brings the buying experience to a higher level of interaction than the traditional web interface. The navigation and transaction experience is then released from the classic instrument made of monitors and mouse, but the item is used.

Our voice accompanies us from birth, and it is instinctive for each of us to use it at every moment of our lives. ASR (automatic speech recognition) technology is now close to perfection, and Maarek has underlined how sophisticated input and output management is.

This allows the exploitation of the Shopping-Aware ASR. A tool in which you can clearly see Amazon’s obsession to satisfy the customer: to understand a filling in as……………………………

A very useful technology also in working environments, where time savings thanks to e-procurement is definitely welcome, without considering the rarefaction of the working environments: each house, every individual worker can therefore become a central purchasing.

In this key Alexa makes procurement easy for anyone, facilitating smart working and removing a rigid element in centralized purchases.

Thanks to predictive technologies, moreover, the voice assistant can warn a user that и based on his purchasing standards и it is possible that it is necessary to Easy intuitive potential and utility both in a home and in an office, avoiding stock breaks and interruption of production.

Gerardo Di Filippo, Head of Amazon Business Italy, recalled that Amazon Business is at the side of all Italian activities, whether in smart working or .

The ability to deliver quickly (even in employee housing) is enabled by the Business Prime service, recently launched in Italy and Spain. The great simplification of the processes of e-procurement is of vital importance for all the Italian Pmi, that especially during the lockdown they have found themselves in objective difficulties in supplyings. A

Mazon Business has never stopped investing in Italy, and this has allowed the company to support partners and customers even during the most difficult and chaotic weeks of early 2020.

Amazon Business has also joined Bending Spoons (the creators of the Immuni app) by allowing their employees to make purchases from their home, without having to slow down the critical development of the apps.

Finally, Philip recalled the centrality of the theme of environmental sustainability. Amazon Business is committed to zero emissions by 2040, 10 years before the time plan provided for by the Paris Protocol.

By 2030 deliveries will only be made through electric vehicles, demonstrating the real commitment of society to environmental sustainability.

Amazon Business Exchange Awards 2020

In closing, the Amazon Business Exchange Awards 2020 were awarded: the companies that have excelled in digital transformation regarding the “e-procurement” were HC-One, Airbus, Telefónica and Zalando.

The prizes aim to identify the leaders and organizations that are leading the change in procurement and embrace digital transformation by working on different aspects, from simplifying purchases and supporting teams to allow more modern working methods and cost savings, to removing the

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