Aws announced the availability of Amazon Braket, a fully managed service that provides a development environment to help customers explore and design quantum computing algorithms.

Customers can use Amazon Braket to test and solve quantum algorithms on simulated quantum computers running on processing resources in Aws to help them verify their implementation.

When they are ready, customers can use Amazon Braket to run their quantum algorithms on the choice of quantum processors based on different technologies, including D-Wave, IonQ and Rigetti systems.

Simulated and quantum hardware processes are managed through a unified development experience and customers pay only for the processing resources used. The Commission notes that the Commission has not yet received any information on the compatibility of the measures with the internal market.

Quantum computing has the potential to solve computational problems that are beyond the reach of classic computers, exploiting the laws of quantum mechanics to build more powerful tools for information processing.

According to Aws quantum computing has the potential to lead to new scientific discoveries that could transform energy storage, chemical engineering, drug discovery, financial portfolio optimization, machine learning and much more.

Today, making significant progress in quantum computing requires organizations to develop internal skills and seek access to limited quantum hardware. Researchers who are interested in experimenting through a range of quantum hardware and technologies must configure and manage the necessary infrastructure, negotiate access with multiple suppliers and write custom code to interface with different quantum processors.

Having access to quantum hardware and managed infrastructure would help companies to assess how quantum computing could impact their companies so that they can start building the skills needed to explore new opportunities. Quantum infrastructure managed by a number of hardware providers would also help facilitate research and education in quantum technologies that could accelerate new discoveries and quantum computers of the future.

Amazon Braket helps overcome these challenges by allowing academic and industrial developers and researchers to explore and evaluate quantum computing using the same consistent experience that Aws offers today to its customers.

Amazon Braket allows customers to start quickly, using familiar tools such as Jupyter notebooks to access pre-installed development tools that can be used to design quantum algorithms, display results and collaborate with other users. The new Aws service offers multiplatform development tools that allow customers to design their quantum algorithms or choose from a growing library of default algorithms, providing a consistent experience so that customers no longer have to learn development environments. Customers can run, test and solve problems of their algorithms on quantum computer simulators using Amazon EC2 computing resources. In addition to performing quantum algorithms, customers can also use Amazon Braket to run hybrid algorithms, where combined use of quantum and classic computer systems can help overcome the limitations that are inherent in today’s quantum technology.

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