More than 2000 SMEs and other Italian companies are now selling their products, an expression of the excellence of Italian production, within the showcase dedicated exclusively to Made in Italy and available on,,,

5 years after the launch of Amazon Made in Italy, the number of companies has grown to double in 2019, while the selection of products available in all stores has reached 1 million of which 300,000 only on

Thanks to the continuous investments in tools and services to facilitate the digitisation of the SMEs, today more than 75% of the companies present on Amazon Made in Italy sells abroad in countries like France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States.

About 50% of the Amazon Made in Italy selection is in the Home and Furniture (design) category, over 30% in Dresses and Accessories (fashion), about 10% in Kitchen and Cellar (food), while 5% belongs to category B

In 2019, the rapid growth of companies in the showcase Made in Italy of Amazon was greatly accelerated thanks to the agreement signed in May between ICE and Amazon Agency that aims to support small and medium-sized Italian companies, to develop sales

The agreement was extended for a further three months until 15 December 2020 and provides for the implementation of a promotion and development plan for the inclusion of new companies and their products in the Amazon showcase dedicated exclusively to Made in Italy, for training and the To date, more than 400 new companies present their products on Amazon Made in Italy thanks to the agreement with the ICE Agency, of which almost half was in the condition of .zero export… (less than 25.

All these companies, Agenzia ICE and Amazon, dedicated in 2019 only 15 training events in the territory and 36 webinars held by ecommerce experts, as well as providing access to digitally accessible materials on how to best develop the sales path Further courses are planned for the introduction to the sale on Amazon through the showcase Made in Italy specific to the sector: food and wine, fashion, design and beauty.

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