Amazon has launched a free option for music streaming, but at the moment only in the United States. The company has announced that US users, even those who do not have a Prime subscription or Amazon Music Unlimited, will now be able to listen to a selection of music content free of charge, on Alexa enabled devices.

The free offer, informs the company, covers a selection of top playlists and thousands of radio stations. Which can be heard on demand simply by asking Alexa to start playing on compatible devices.

Amazon’s free music streaming offer includes advertisements. For those who want to listen to music without interrupting ads, or with a wider offer of content, there are options for paid subscription.

Amazon Prime customers, as part of the Prime subscription, have the opportunity to listen to a collection of over two million tracks, without advertising.

Amazon Music Unlimited is the most complete music streaming service of the big of the “ecommerce.” Amazon Music Unlimited subscription offers unlimited access to the entire library of 50 million tracks, streaming and without advertising.

YouTube Music on Google Home Speakers

A free music listening option, based on advertisements, also comes into the Google ecosystem.

Mountain View has brought YouTube Music, in a free and advertising offer, on Google Home speakers. Or on other speakers powered up with Google Assistant.

Again, the user can ask Google Home to play the music at any time. In response to voice request, YouTube Music will play the desired playlist or station.

Again, for a more complete and unadvertised music listening experience, the paid option, YouTube Music Premium, is available.

YouTube Music Premium gives you the opportunity to request specific albums, songs, artists and playlists on smart speakers. It also offers useful playback controls, such as unlimited skips and replay of songs.

YouTube Music Premium upgrade also allows you to play music in the background via the YouTube Music app while using other apps. And allows downloading for offline listening. Finally, with the YouTube Music Premium subscription, listening is completely free of advertising.

Unlike Amazon, the free and supported music streaming offer of Google’s advertising is not limited to the United States alone. The service is also available in Italy. As well as in: Canada, Mexico, Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Japan, the Netherlands and Austria. In addition, Google says it will soon be extended to other countries.

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