The interview with Antonio Amati of Almaviva. One year after the launch of the recovery plan at European level, which led to the PNRR in Italy, 01net carries out an investigation, based on a series of interviews with the main companies operating in Italy in the ICT on their strategy for digitalisation of the

We talk with them about four key themes of digital transformation: resilience, cybersecurity, cloud, environmental and social sustainability and the answers allow you to build the ICT reality participation map for the country’s growth in the digital sense.

And there is one more theme, the fifth: in a spirit of consultation, we ask that Italian entrepreneurs be given an extra idea, capable of producing immediate value in terms of efficiency and competitiveness.

For Almaviva, the General Manager of IT Division, Antonio Amati, responded.

A year after the Recovery Plan, where are we with the real transformation of the country: with what solutions, skills and services do you participate in the missions of the PNRR involving digital?

Almaviva accompanies the development of the Country System, providing solid skills and digital technologies made in Italy. The Group presides over the most advanced digital borders within Cloud, CyberSecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Digital Channels, Digital Twin and Mixed Real

In recent days, the Minister for Public Administration, Renato Brunetta, has launched the National Portal of recruitment inPA, developed with Almaviva, born to select new talents for the administrations and the professionalism necessary to realize the projects of the PNRR.

Moreover, it is to the attention of the Ministry for Technological Innovation and Digital Transition a proposal of Almaviva, presented together with Aruba, directed to the realization and management of the Cloud infrastructure for the National Strategic Pole The proposal focuses on a Green Cloud Factory with a high capillarity of territorial presence • 4 Data Center campus located in different regions • and leverages the security and privacy by design approach.

In all these areas, Almaviva is at the disposal of the country with a proactive role, I think in particular about solutions in the e-medicine and Smart City, to give support and support to PA in making fast and effective the digitalization path in place. We offer a value mix of assets based on technological domains, a network of global partnerships, a system of international certifications, unique process skills in diversified markets. And, to give quality to all parts of the system, an organization that relies on specialized Practice & Digital Solution Services on technologies and processes, able to provide strategic advice on Digital IT issues to its customers.

2021 was the year in which the theme of cybersecurity landed in all businesses. What concrete prospects did you give for 2022?

The pandemic period has seen a surge of cyber attacks, demonstrating that cybersecurity is a global priority today. Part of the investment of the PNRR itself is devoted to this rightfully.

Almaviva has a long experience in managing mission critical systems and has diversified skills and solutions in the field of Cyber Intelligence. It guarantees a whole new level of knowledge and understanding of cyber threats so that organizations can prepare actionable cyber security strategies.

The Almaviva approach to Cybersecurity is modular, scalable and articulated on different domains to guard the entire surface of attack, reduce it and thus prevent threats. Almaviva offers a complete and differentiated panel of proprietary and market services, technologies and products, which takes into account on the one hand an increasingly complex and sophisticated risk scenario, on the other hand the continuous specific evolution of the main Industry.

The key component of digital transformation is the cloud. What are the choices that Italian companies will have to make in 2022?

To digitize processes and introduce innovation into organizations, the Cloud is the only technology use model that can manage scalability, time-to-market and resilience so that information technology meets the needs of the business.

A true enabler of digital transformation, it allows enterprise realities to be put in the conditions to take advantage of the opportunities of the latest emerging trends, such as Machine Learning, Analytics and IoT, managing in a more agile way the Keywords accessibility, transparency, security and interoperability.

Almaviva currently operates over 3000 Cloud systems of large public and private entities. Based on these experiences, Almaviva has proposed with Aruba to implement and manage the national Cloud infrastructure, on which to host data and services of the Public Administration, in line with the time and resources defined by the PNRR, a project characterized by the highest guarantees of

Almaviva has also long integrated Cloud technologies with solutions in the field of federal services and especially Web 3.0 (Permanent Web), in order to contribute to the evolution of what is increasingly known as the Internet of Value.

Italian companies and PAs will have to evolve to adapt to a model to services, the System Integrator will have to develop skills of Service Orchestrator to support its customers. We should not ask SMEs and local authorities to fully understand the technology, but to make the most of the services provided. And companies will have to be able to create service ecosystems that allow the growth of value in the Digital sector even from within the Italian System.

The challenge of transformation, at all levels, is on skills, technology and process. A crucial challenge for which Almaviva is investing in training and training on the job.

We will be faced with a complex choice which, in reality, has only one sustainable option in the long term. In the first phase, the resources that are coming to our country will allow businesses easier access to the purchase of digital and cloud services, but this purchase is not enough for real transformation. It will be essential to design and build solutions that create real value on top of the basic services they rely on. It will be essential that Italian companies still have the ability and courage, after such a critical period as what we are going through, to invest in the future and not only to attack the opportunities of the present.

After the Cop26 it was understood that sustainability, both environmental and social, now affects not only all countries but also all companies. What is your strategy on these issues?

Sustainability always passes by people. A principle and a responsibility that accompanies us also in the commitment to innovation and simplification alongside the Public Administration.

With this meaning, Almaviva will be launching in 2022 a project of Continual Academy with the aim of accompanying the growth of students in the world of work, but also to promote a continuous upskilling and reskilling of people already active, with a view to social Not least, it is a goal to support a recovery of professionalism, essential to the growth of the country.

Sustainability also passes from a more mature and evolved open innovation, where companies of different sizes and extraction work together to enhance the resources available, creating business models that can self-feed and maintain a strong ability to design and And it is in this perspective that AlmavivA will continue to train its IT designers and architects.

Almaviva was among the first Italian ICT companies to obtain the Social Accountability System Certificate

In the direction of combining economic development and environmental protection, Almaviva has supported among other things a reforestation programme (over 5,000 trees planted) with high social impact in Guatemala and carried out the project Almaviva Green, aimed at rationalizing the A project that over the years has won several awards.

ICT idea of 2022

If you were to offer a single investment (product, solution, methodology) to an Italian company, a choice that could produce an immediate benefit in terms of efficiency and competitiveness, what would your advice be about?

Winning and urgent innovation choices can be multiple. Data security solutions and Cloud solutions, which are a priority and a wealth, thus a fundamental tool for the digital transition. Or solutions aimed at optimizing interaction with people.

But it is necessary and unmissable to cultivate a change of vision and paradigm by companies, to fully grasp the represented value of the culture of innovation. The PNRR represents a unique opportunity for the development of our country in various strategic areas.

The revolution consists of putting investment in innovation and technology first, to better promote the development of a digital society, in terms of services to people, communities and territories, while respecting environmental sustainability.

The key point in this strategy is that every investment is made taking into account the design and integration aspects of the systems. Integration is the key investment. In a world that moves at the speed of big data we can no longer think of manually integrating multiple systems and processes. We will have more and more technology and services available. The design, integration and orchestration aspects are often a perhaps less tangible but fundamental investment for any project and need consistent resources, so as not to find yourself with an unsolved puzzle of incompatible pieces of innovation.

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