In the last year, Italians asked Alexa for help hundreds of millions of times to carry out home activities such as showing a recipe, lighting lights or playing a song.

Amazon introduced Alexa and Echo devices in Italy on 23 October 2018 and since then \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ We have noticed that the level of adoption by customers in Italy of home automation products that can be managed with Alexa is among the highest in the world. And more and more devices are controlled through Alexa, such as thermostats, shutters, bulbs, smart sockets and many more.

In 2020, in Italy almost 2 million times Alexa’s intervention for recipes and video recipes was requested. And over the past 12 months 45 million timers have been set to carry out their home business and around 3 million products have been added to the spending lists.

To cheer up their moments within the home walls, Alexa was asked to play music for a total of 13,000 years of uninterrupted listening.

In Italy, users interact on average 2 million times a day with Alexa to manage the lighting of their homes.

Since Alexa’s arrival in Italy, Italian developers have created 466 Skills dedicated to the Smart House. The response of third-party developers in our country is confirmed with a community that today exceeds 50,000 members.

Today, over 100,000 products for the Smart House are available worldwide, which can be controlled through Alexa, offered by more than 9,500 brands. In Italy the variety of products available extends from smart thermostats like Enel X’s Homix, which becomes a complete solution for the home, to products for interaction with their home like those of Bticino; from the intelligent speakers of Sonos and Bo

For many users, Alexa and Echo devices are increasingly the focus of the Smart House and facilitate home automation management by allowing you to control all compatible products through your own voice and also set daily routines and activities.

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