Amazon announces that Alexa Developer Rewards is now available in Italy: developers can now be paid for by Skill’s development.

The Skills suitable for Alexa are awarded, which give the most interest to customers in the countries where the program is available.

Therefore, qualified developers can receive payment according to the level of interest of their customers each month. Amazon indicates which categories of Skills are eligible to receive Alexa Developer Rewards.

Skill categories are:

Consultation and education

Food and drink


Humor and curiosity

Children and boys

Health and well-being

Styles and Trends

Music and audio


The Alexa Developer Rewards program

So far, Amazon reports, Alexa Developer Rewards has already paid millions of dollars for developers from 23 countries. Developers can increase the level of customer involvement with their Skill and potentially gain more by improving it.

Developers can also develop more Skills and publish them in more countries. A large number of developers have received rewards for making their Skills available in several countries.

In addition, developers can not only earn but also save money with Aws promotional credits. These credits can help develop and offer Skills for voice assistant free of charge.

Skills multiply in Italy

Since its launch in Italy, the local selection of Skill for the Amazon platform has almost quadrupled. Alexa arrived in Italy in October 2018, with Alexa Skills Kit (ASK). This is the solution that allows developers to create new features or add their services to the virtual assistant.

Meanwhile, developers embraced voice technology and generated a rapid increase in Alexa’s Skills in Italian. Until the current selection is about four times higher than at the time of launch.

Today there are over 1,800 local Skills available for Alexa’s Italian customers. And thousands of registered developers work to create even more.

More information about Alexa Developer Rewards is available at this link of the Amazon developer site.

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