The curtain is raised on AI Hub, strategic pillar of the five-year plan of 1.5 billion dollars investment in technologies and training with which Microsoft Italy intends to contribute to the digital transformation of the country.

Sergio Romoli, Director of Cloud & Enterprise of Microsoft Italia wanted to point the index on the growth of the Artificial Intelligence market, which unfortunately in Italy is much less robust than the rest of Europe and the global market. A market, Romoli continues, which will be worth 29 billion dollars in 2024.

According to a Microsoft study composed of a panel of 12000 employees (of which 600 Italians) only 23% of the total already has a concrete program of Artificial Intelligence in the company.

Proper allocation of resources is essential, but too often decision makers do not consider data management as the primary factor of production to be central.

Rediscovering the importance of data, which is now closed Romoli, therefore means understanding that artificial intelligence is not an option but a key part of profitability.

Safety and transparency on how artificial intelligence works are the first reasons why organizations are reluctant to adopt this technology in the company.

According to Microsoft, the three most requested areas as IA fields of application are process optimization, employee productivity and offer innovative experience to customers.

With this awareness, the customer-driven AI Hub initiative is born.

Enabled by selected partners, it aims to infuse data and artificial intelligence through prototyping applied to different vertical sectors.

AI Hub therefore wants to be a centre of expertise, to support the ecosystem of Italian innovation together with other actors: startups, government institutions, universities and innovation centres of other private realities.

Microsoft AI Hub will be focused on 6 key sectors: Made in Italy (rail, fashion and design), manufacturing, financial services, health, energy and infrastructure.

Microsoft will act as a enabler by providing its expertise and Cloud platform to develop Data & AI application scenarios and to identify the highest potential realities through a Data & AI Mability Check-Up.

In a logic of Open Innovation, the companies themselves of the strategic sectors of the Italian economy will be in fact protagonists sharing their knowledge of the sector to realize avant-garde use houses and pilot projects, thanks to the close collaboration with the experts Microsoft and a task-

The first Microsoft partners on board the initiative are already over twenty, including Accenture, Alterna, Altitudo, beanTech, Capgemini, DataSkills, Factory Software, Hevolos Innovation, Iconsult

The initiative is open to welcome other players to contribute more and more to the spread of the AI in Italy and in the coming months will develop both in virtual and in presence, going to enrich the Microsoft Technology Center, at the Microsoft House in Milan, designed to make live scenarios

It is therefore the place of the… “doing” and Romoli concludes. Not a place where to reason for maximum systems or theoretical concepts, but rather an important concrete action (as in its DNA) put in place by Microsoft to support and stimulate the Italian economy. Undoubtedly commendable initiative, especially in view of the next departure of the Recovery Plan.

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