Agile Lab, an Italian company that develops applications in the field of Big Data and Machine Learning has created for Vodafone Automotive an application platform that can collect, analyze, process and save in an optimized way large amounts of data improving customer service and

Vodafone Automotive has started a process of revision and evolution of its systems of acquisition and processing of telemetry data generated by devices installed on vehicles in order to collect, manage and analyze them in real time in order to satisfy the demands of the insurance market and

The solution created by Agile Lab is based on the WASP framework (Wide Analytics Streaming Platform), a Data Streaming platform able to collect and analyze data through analytical logic or machine learning, returning results in re

The main features of the platform consist of flexibility of integration with de facto standard technologies in the Big Data field (in this case Cloudera) and in the ability to manage large amounts of data by solving the typical complexities of mission critical use cases thus ensuring accurate control at the stage

The new architecture has allowed Vodafone Automotive to respect very strict service levels required by the Customers, laying the foundations for offering services that otherwise would not have been able to deliver, and to gain competitive advantage by positioning itself as one of the most innovative players in this

Alberto Firpo, Co-Founder & CEO of Agile Lab expressed its pride in designing and engineering Vodafone Automotive’s new Real-Time Streaming platform, a key company in the world of the Agile Lab believes it is essential to support its customers in managing and creating value from data, ensuring innovation and growth through technology, solid skills and a ‘agile’ approach.

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