Alberto Firpo, co-founder of Agile Lab, met the sector press to take stock of the company, founded in 2013 and entered the market in 2014.

The point of entry was for Agile Lab the banking sector. According to Firpo, the finance/banking market is often at the forefront and has the capital needed to invest.

One of Agile Lab’s strengths is Data Strategy to accompany companies towards a data driven economy, in a technological and operational way.

The 100% open source Agile Lab platform is offered and delivered in a flexible way, thanks to the SaaS go to market.

The manager has declared that the customer can entrust totally to Agile Lab the realization of the entire case of use; or use internally the platform with its IT team.

The market has over time rewarded Agile Lab. Sales increased by 50% between 2017 and 2020. The forecasts indicated by Firpo are equally rosy, reaching almost 13 million turnover by 2023.

Agile Lab, technological and organisational advantages

The co-founder said that the advantages of the Wasp platform are different.

First of all, Wasp acts in real time, through machine learning and predictive and analytical models. In this way the customer organization can work directly on the data stream in an immediate way, obtaining proactive results.

In addition, the SaaS market model with open source software allows Wasp to be integrated into major big data solutions (Firpo made the example of Cloudera). The result for a customer is the reduction of TCO and the elimination of lock-in.

Paolo Platter, also founder of Agile Lab, pointed to the recruitment of talents as a key point in the growth of society.

Differential factor is the self-organization of the working groups.The responsibility (and responsibility) of the various teams has allowed a formidable technical and corporate development. The transparency of communications, which Platter defined as Anglo-Saxon, is the basis of the management of internal processes.

This clarity of roles, together with the flow of data without opacity, helps to create an excellent virtuous circle.

The inclusiveness of this model enables talents to express themselves at their best; a considerable advantage (according to Platter) over the traditional top-down organizational chart.

It is clear that the value of internal resources is important in Agile Lab.

The two founders have a clear understanding of the value of human capital, and the effort to achieve 100% of the potential of their employees demonstrates this.

The partnership with Vodafone Automotive

A case in point of use of which the two managers have said very proud is the one that concerns the project created with Vodafone Automotive. The challenge was very challenging: to integrate with a legacy infrastructure that is not scalable, however, burdened by the management of many Tbytes of data and without possibility of real-time processing.

The Wasp platform has enabled Vodafone Automotive to manage its many customers agilely, thanks to the scalability offered by SaaS and cloud. The result is a considerable reduction in TCO for Vodafone Automotive, and the high and real-time performance offered by Agile Lab also allow you to think about new business opportunities that the previous platform could not enable.

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