Last year Adobe launched the Real-time Customer Data Platform, which, based on the Adobe Experience Platform, was designed to help brands combine disparate data into unified profiles of people, consisting of customer data

Now, Adobe is extending its Real-time Customer Data Platform to support B2B data and workflows, to give B2B companies the ability to create, manage and activate unified profiles of people and accounts

These B2B sector upgrades will be available next year, Adobe announced, and will allow teams to coordinate consistent and comprehensive account-based experiences and across different channels based on a comprehensive understanding of their customers.

In addition, with the expansion of Adobe’s proprietary and open-source Experience Data Model (XDM), B2B brands will soon be able to enter and activate data through data source and B2B-centric destinations A new pre-built Marketo Engage connector will allow B2B brands to connect the main B2B engagement data from applications to create, enrich and update unified profiles of people and accounts.

Adobe cites a recent study by Forrester that nearly 90% of B2B marketers believe that data transformation into feasible information is one of the most important challenges their organisations need to give priority to.

Having access to unified account profiles is a novelty for B2B brands, highlights Adobe, and it is a skill that companies have been asking for for for a long time. The expansion of the B2B-capacity platform will allow brands to combine multiple records into a single account profile that updates in real time and provides all the critical information needed to provide the best possible experience.

Businesses will be able to view the details of the unified account, attributes, people, opportunities and more. For example, Adobe’s Real-time Customer Data Platform will be able to accurately update a person’s profile and account association if this person changes work during the sales cycle, so that a company can keep the company up to its level.

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