Adobe has shared with users of professional software for the design of UI/UX a new collection of Adobe XD plugins that help test projects and designs, as well as getting insights from prototypes.

With Adobe XD professional designers can create and share interactive prototypes that have the look and feel of a real website or web application, so that they can show their vision of the project and make everyone be updated and agree on

But, Adobe points out, a prototype is only the beginning and the digital design process is iterative. UI/UX designers often create dozens of versions of a project as the design process advances, incorporating feedback received at each stage of this process.

One powerful way to exploit prototypes to the maximum of their potential is to test them with real users, Adobe highlights. The test of usability with real users is a critical part of the design process, because it allows you to get essential information before entering the development phase.

Tests help to assess how potential users will interact with their company’s digital projects and identify any problems that may become costly to correct later on, during product development. By carrying out tests in advance and often, teams can also accelerate decision making by leveraging real data and insights.

Adobe XD offers plugins and integrations of Adobe applications and third-party developers that improve and enhance the workflow in the application and San Jose’s home has highlighted six extensions of a new collection dedicated precisely to

The UserZoom GO plugin streamlines the process of building and launching remote usability tests and gives access to powerful user feedback functions, all from within Adobe XD. The plugin allows you to create activities right within the prototypes to allow participants to complete the tests, as well as add follow-up questions.

Maze allows agile design teams to test, learn and act quickly. Product and marketing teams can test user experiences at a distance, independently and collaboratively, and see their results turn into concrete and quantifiable data in a few hours.

Marpipe is a platform that allows you to create multivariate tests for the creativity of ads. The Marpipe plugin for Adobe XD allows you to experiment smoothly with your projects, whether you are testing brand creativity or online experiences, and can be an essential tool for creative digital teams, products

UserTesting helps to collect real-time feedback from customers. With the UserTesting Quick Answer plugin for Adobe XD, designers can quickly test their projects directly from within XD.

Attention Insight is a tool for analysis of pre-launch marketing campaigns that helps companies to see their projects through the eyes of users.

The heatmaps powered by artificial intelligence indicate how the user’s attention is distributed between the different objects of the design. The Attention Insight plugin for Adobe XD facilitates loading and analysis of different project variants.

Preely offers designers the freedom to conduct remote and unmoderate user tests. Just load your Adobe XD prototype, create a test and share it, to have the necessary information available in no time. The Preely plugin for Adobe XD gives direct access to the Preely test platform and its in-depth analytics.

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